Am I really doing this?

So I find myself starting over. In a new town, new job, new life.

After a very grown up breakup with my boyfriend of 8 years (we had a sectional couch, that came apart, we each took half) I’ve been…sad. And I guess depressed.

Like many women I’ve been eating my emotions, cleverly disguised as Starbucks cake pops, chocolates, and whipped cream. I also love to cook and bake, it’s like therapy for me, and because live alone, I’m the only one here to eat the spoils of my mania. I just turned 32, and I think my metabolism went on vacation, or maybe it just sadly resigned, I miss it.

There are many excuses and justifications I’ve come up with to validate my steady weight gain the last few months. “It’s cold and dark,” “I don’t know anyone,” “I can’t find a yoga studio I like,” “I work too much” blah blah blah. The honest harsh truth is, I’ve been doing a poor job of putting myself first.

The other day, I dusted off my old scale, I knew I hadn’t shrunk ALL of my pants, so I had a daunting feeling before I even stepped onto it. I held my breath. I gingerly stepped onto the scale eyes closed, 202.2 lbs. I stepped off my scale, grabbed a box of klenex off my filing cabinet, sat down on my half-a-couch and had a feeling sorry for myself sob.

So here I am, I’m trying Body by VI. 90 days of Meal replacement shakes. Not usually one for these fad diets, or pyramid sales schemes, but I need to do something. And I couldn’t find anything but testimonials about it. I’ll be keeping track of shakes, exercise, how I feel, and dammit results!!


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One thought on “Am I really doing this?

  1. Kavo22 says:

    Good luck! Be positive and do it forbyou…because you deserve it =)

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