Hump day number 1





Up before my alarm today, stepped on my scale, and just the anticipation of dieting has left me 4lbs lighter. Whoop whoop. So I’m starting at 196. I shook my mix with regular skim milk. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever put in my mouth… It was a little mineral-ish and grainy, but likely because I didn’t blend or shake it enough. Just plain it tastes fine. Was super weird not to go to Starbucks!
I usually eat breakfast, rice cooker oatmeal, or cereal or fruit. The shake wasn’t enough. I’m super hungry. It’s only 10:30. I have some fruit and I’m drinking herb tea. I did see a recipe for the shake mix in oatmeal- that may be better for me!

I took measurements and pictures, this is fun- like a super personal science experiment. Now I need a hot lab partner…

I have a theory,
Before pictures…to show the best “transformation”.
should be
*no make up or hair done
* too tight or unflattering cut clothing
*poor artificial light
*first thing in the am or late at night

Now even if I took the after pictures tomorrow I could look better!

It physically pained me to post those. See the sacrifices I’m ready to make for science??!!

As you may notice, I hold my 200lbs fairly well. Good genes, thanks mom & dad! But the areas that pushed me into dieting were my arms, they look like delicious sausages (I am hungry) and my back up chin. It’s not really a double chin, more like the first runner up chin. It’s there patiently waiting in the event that my primary chin cannot perform its duties, or is involved in some scandal. It is very good at waving in parades I’m sure. (along with my sausage arms, that are still waving from 10 min ago).
I used to be so ridiculously hot… I’ll post some of those pictures later…

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12 thoughts on “Hump day number 1

  1. Andy says:

    I’m so stoked for you, Holley! So far you’ve made me lol, like, 7 times. I look forward to hearing about your success!

  2. Renee Dulaba says:

    Holley….you make me laugh like crazy! I love you and am proud of you. I wouldn’t have the guts to share with the world what you have! Way to go!!! XO

  3. Summer says:

    I have started the body by vi today and I wonder are you just suppose to replace 2 meals a day or is there something else that I have missed? Are there things you aren’t suppose to eat, not the obvious things? I read somewhere that people were eating 6 times a day on this??? I didn’t get very good instructions with mine, have anything that could help?

    • holleyrocks says:

      I am not knowledgeable having just started myself, I’ll try to find someone to answer your question!!

    • holleyrocks says:

      Ok, so from what I understand the shakes mixed with milk are meal replacements, you can also mix with water or juice to replace snacks. I think it is dependent on how many calories you want to cut out? The shake is making sure you get all the nutrients you need with considerably less calories. Eat healthy, be active, you should see results. I am fortunate that my fellow 90 day challenger is extremely supportive. I haven’t yet looked, but check out the website, might be helpful. Or see a nutritionist! Good luck, feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

      • Summer says:

        Thanks so much I feel like there are others lost like me and it helps to read what you are going thru. Looking forward to more posts.

  4. Kavo22 says:

    Good luck on your journey! You can do this!!

    I weigh once a week and measure once a month. Pics once a month can’t hurt either!

    Some people weight themselves less frequently but I need to see rresults to keep myself motivated!!

  5. Heather says:

    Good luck on this all girl! I think u are going to totally inspire me!!! 🙂 I worked soooo hard to lose 30 lbs last year (sadly, gained back a whopping TEN of that just over the month of December alone..!) But am getting back on the wagon to lose the rest (now 40lbs)! Feeling a little better after doing your lil body calculator. .
    Body Mass Index: 28.6 kg/m2
    Waist-to-Height ratio: 0.51
    Percent Body Fat: 39.1%
    Lean Body Mass: 121.4 lb OVERWEIGHT (by 26.0 lbs) according to THAT! 😛
    But regardless…. u have totally inspired me! Lets work on hitting those beaches of Penticton together as a couple hot bitches!!! 😀 YAY!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • holleyrocks says:

      That calculator isn’t iron clad, but if it says 26lbs, I’d set my goal for that, and then evaluate how you feel. Being underweight is just as bad for you! I’d even consult my Dr about ideal weight or see a nutritionist! Good luck! And thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Banks says:

    Seriously… do you ever hold your weight well! I bet most of it is in your boobs. ha ha.

    I am stoked for you!

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