Well then

Scooping out my shake mix yesterday I found the size specific scoop buried! Felt a little silly, was there the whole time!
Yesterday was a good day, I worked at night, so I had oatmeal for breakfast, a big salad for lunch, one shake at 3 (with coffee milk to go) and the other around 7 (with mango juice) I also had some peaches, a Greek yogurt and some carrots. I felt full all night. One of my staff brought me a blender to use, and an angel food cupcake. Smaller than the rest and with no icing. It was pretty great! and the title means it was good for me… Angel, right?
Went out for a bit after work, and had a jack honey on the rocks, I know, not the best choice, but so fantastic. I love bourbon! I went with a girlfriend who entertained me people watching, she wasn’t feeling super social so she was taking one for the team. I appreciate her!!
I couldn’t sleep when I got home, and was getting hungry, the hotdog stand had smelled delish! (insert LMFAO song here). But I used a little self restraint and had a couple tbsp salsa and a few tortilla chips instead.
I miss Starbucks… Sigh, my have a skinny cinnamon dolce latte today, it’s about 45 min round trip to walk there from my house, maybe that will justify it? Too bad it’s not called an angel cinnamon dolce…


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