What is wrong with your shorts? The joys of bike shorts.

We are coming to the end of a great weekend. I spent most of yesterday hanging around the house, doing laundry, cleaning up. I had promised myself some starbucks, but had to walk there, to justify. I have a starbucks addiction, and while they do have some better options, It’s a slippery slope for me. A slippery chocolate peanut butter petite cupcake and whipped cream covered latte slope. With toffee sprinkles. I decided at the beginning of december to join their rewards program, and was a gold member by christmas.

I cuddled up in bed under my electric blanket watching movies and chatting with my BFF Cherise until around 2pm. Was so great. I drank my morning shake in bed, ginger apple. Finally decided to get dressed to walk down for coffee. A skinny cinnamon dolce was what I had my heart set on. I walked into the kitchen and it was snowing sideways. Shit…20120115-195503.jpg20120115-195525.jpg

This was the view from the beach, just a ways from my house.

I decided to go grab a few groceries, and a little retail therapy. Then I came home to do some cleaning, prep for snacks and dinner for early in the week, but couldn’t resist a latte on my way home. I hate breaking promises, especially to myself, so my bike trainer was going to get some use. I have a pretty great setup


Of course as soon as I was set to ride my bike,the sun came out… this was the view from my kitchen.


Part of being set to ride, wearing a breathable top, socks, shoes, water. And bike shorts. If you haven’t cycled in a while, or are new to cycling, lined or padded bike shorts will literally save your ass. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of seat I have, I find the shorts help the most. The perineum is a mystical place, you don’t think about, or even know where it is, until it hurts. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not a magic cure to saddle sores, but it might help you get thru that spin class, especially at first.

Unfortunately they are designed for function, not style. In fact they are hideous. They are tight, usually compression so some days even the effort of getting them on will cause a jumping and wiggling induced sweat, which makes them harder to put on (like a wet swimsuit). I have large thighs, even when I’m thin so my poor legs spill out of the compression shorts like bread rising out of it’s pan, if they aren’t tight they ride up, and then you run the risk of chafing. But the best part is the padding. It is a panel of breathable foam or chamois, so from the back it looks like a loaded diaper, and the front…oh man…picture “mom jeans” 3 sizes too small. Not the most flattering look. I used to wear another pair of shorts over top, but I have no shame anymore, and have now adapted a pelvic forward stance that really shows off the awesomeness of them. I would have taken a picture to post, but no one really wants to see that! I saw Lulu lemon is sponsoring women’s cycling along with specialized, so there is hope they can design a great cycling short.

I had a great work out, watched family guy while I cranked thru the resistance on my trainer. I made orange saffron chicken with steamed potatoes and sweet pea shoot salad for dinner. Just a good little saturday!



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