1st weigh in

I wake up in the morning to an LMFAO ringtone. It’s a guaranteed way to wake up with a smile. And who doesn’t want to be told first thing in the morning they are sexy and they know it?
This morning a slunk out of bed gingerly. I am really sore from yoga!
We are in the middle of the worst winter storm we have had in, a couple years? So traveling to yoga isn’t the smartest decision, especially since I haven’t found a favorite instructor where I live now, so it’s a 45 min drive on the best of days. I have been practicing for 8 years, and for bursts 4-6 times a week. I’ve taken workshops and clinics for self directed classes, it is NOT something I recommend you try on your own, you run the risk of seriously hurting yourself!!
I attempted a home practice because of bad weather and apparently I worked myself really hard! No blaming the mean teacher, I made myself hold plank for 10 breaths (while I tried to remember what came next) and did extra sun salutations because my apartment isn’t as warm as the studio.
I made it to the scale and stepped on, 194.4. Ok, not bad -2 lbs in a week, and -8 from my sob session.
I didn’t want to count calories, but this may be the most efficient way to lose weight. I’m all a-type. Efficiency is my thing. Another improvement would be at least 30 min exercise per day. Easy enough to fit in. I do have to say I have more energy, I feel good. And not as sad, maybe just because I have something to focus on!
Breakfast was a chocolate raspberry shake, (thanks again to my Mom for the frozen raspberries- garden grown!) then steel cut oatmeal with raspberries a couple hours later, I’ve also packed grapes with cottage cheese and a wild berry shake for work today. Dinner will be crockpot chili and a few tortilla chips with pear Gorgonzola salad. After a good stretch and 30 min of wii Zumba! Keep warm!


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