Not looking forward to tomorrow

Weigh in day, but between my meltdown and the weeks events it has been a real struggle.  I know this is a marathon not a sprint, I have just encountered my first hill, and my shoelace came untied.  Emotional week.

I will celebrate todays success… made a Vi shake with greek yogurt, and it really stuck with me.  Quinoa with cinnamon cranberries and a splash of milk for lunch, turkey pepperoni and cheddar for a snack, celery and PB while I made dinner, and leftover greek pepper for dinner.

I’m going to ride for just a half hour today, my calfs are tight!  I washed my yoga mat, so I can practice tomorrow!  Also on the agenda HOUSE CLEANING!  Yay…I am baking chicken breasts in Adobo seasoning to eat with salads for the rest of the week, also washing and portioning fruits and veggies.  It’s snowing like CRAZY, so I could go shovel, but there’s just an awful wind.  Plus I’ve started 8 jobs, I need to get some of this done.

Good or bad I’ll post my weigh in tomorrow morning

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