Really Holley?? Really…

I was reading thru shake recipes tonight. Along with my shake mix I got only the chocolate and strawberry flavor mixes, is that normal? I also noticed all the concoctions called for 2 scoops of shake mix. I have only been putting in one. Yep. Just one. No wonder I’ve felt so hungry, felt like I was failing because I needed to snack all day. Makes more sense now. My shake is pre-made for morning. Coffee yogurt and peanut butter, with cappuccino soy milk and 2 scoops of shake mix. Maybe I’ll fare better!

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4 thoughts on “Really Holley?? Really…

  1. Banks says:

    Hey Buddy,
    An idea too, is still only put one scoop in your shake but take the “missing calories”/energy and have something else for a snack a bit later so your blood sugar doesn’t drop to low.
    I don’t know if you ever knew Tristica Caldwell ? Anyways she is a dietician in Halifax now and has a wicked website called Fueling with Food. Follow it on Facebook, she pulls up really good articles from around the country like this one…
    I checked into her site so you should see it on my facebook activity.

  2. RENEE DULABA says:

    Where do you find coffee yogurt???

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