NyQuil…making any surface look comfortable…

I am prone to sinus colds, and strep throat. At least once a year I get a good one. A knock me on my ass, in bed for 3 days kinda sick. As a teenager and into my 20’s I would just keep going, working, going out and I would stay sick all winter. My poor brother would have to hear my coughing/gagging up phlegm blowing my nose etc. as his room was right beside my bathroom. I should have had shares in sudafed, I always had it with me. The lymph nodes in my neck and my tonsils would be so swollen it would make my current back up chin look shamefully small.

Now I am huge baby. As soon as I start getting sick, it’s rest, vitamins, and every natural remedy you can think of. Oil of oregano, garlic, immune probiotics, rose hip tea, vitamin C, echinacea, ginger, honey, goji berries, oranges, quince, sterisol mouthwash gargles, neti pot full of saline, and silver hydrocortisol. I sniffle and moan. I feel sorry for myself. But I rest, and I usually get better quickly. I have developed an immunity to the most common antibiotics used to treat step and sinuses, so the stuff they have to prescribe is nasty. I could go into details, but most women know what I’m taking about here, plus the side effects of the pills themselves.

I try to go the natural route. Daytime cold medication spaces me right out, so I rarely take them. But I have NO shame taking NyQuil, it does just what it’s supposed to. It puts me in a coma for 10-12 hours. Such a deep sleep, that when I wake up I feel hungover, and foggy for the first hour I’m up. There is NO waking me before the 10 hours is up.

This may be purely physiological, but it may not. Last winter I was sick, and my Ex was going out for the night, usually he would sleep off his shooters in the spare room, and that was the plan as I was in the middle of the 3 days I spend sick in bed. There was an apartment fire in the building across the complex from us. It burnt most of the top floor of the building. They shut down the highway and every firefighter in town was on the scene. My ex said when he was home he didn’t get much sleep between the lights and sirens. I slept through all of this. I woke up at 9 am. Only because Vanessa called me. Sounding worried, she asked if I was OK, and needed a place to stay. I was foggy, and had no idea what she was talking about. Eyes still closed I asked Why? I guess it was unclear which building had been damaged, and she said, “your apartment building was on fire!” At this point I open my eyes, my ceiling looks normal, and I say “no one came and got me…” I think I’m ok? I roll out of bed and look out the window, the corner of the building with the most damage is about 200 feet away in direct view of my bedroom window. Nope, my building is fine, I explain the NyQuil comma, and promise to call her later. I need a drink of water for my “hangover”…

That is where I have been the last couple days, I don’t have the time to take days off work, So I’ve been loading up on hippie remedies, and spending 12 hours in a fog of green liquid. Still having a shake for breakfast, and one for lunch, (2 SCOOPS!) Using orange juice, pineapple and goji berries. And drinking Tea like it’s going out of style! No exercise, my head feels like it’s going to explode, I better go netipot and have some tea before bed!

Thanks to my Brother Gary for sending me this picture! It’s perfect… I was still in a haze and gave the credit to my sister in law April. I love you both!

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