whew… what a week

Where to start? Again I’ve been neglecting you. Not for lack of want, I’ve just no time. It’s been beautiful and sunny most of the week, makes people want to buy beer. (I run a private liquor store)

I met my ex for dinner and a movie to hang out. Fish Tacos! And an awful vampire movie. I know, a little masochistic, but I really enjoy his company, and like I’ve said, there was no real reason for us to break up…


I had an amazing healthy homemade pasta dinner courtesy of my friend Danielle, who works out everyday like a mad woman. I admire her dedication to the gym. I should go with her. I kind of feel about the gym as I do about counting calories. Maybe I need to set a fitness goal. There is a LOT of indecision in those statements. Hahah! She had a crazy craving for dairy Queen, I went with her, but exercised my self control. My goals, and the feeling I will get when I attain them, are way better than ice-cream!


Weigh in day was ok, still a loss despite being sick and sleeping half of everyday last week. I am feeling MUCH better! I did discover I may need a new scale. My weight depends on where on the floor it is. I discovered this because weighing in the morning it was a little dark, so I kicked the old scale into the kitchen where the light is better. Different number. Kicked it to the right 6 inches, different again. So now I guess I need to find the sweet spot for my scale.

Yesterday was a busy day, unloading 2 pallets of wine boxes, and I broke a nail. Brutal. Managed to spend a half an hour on my bike trainer while watching 30 rock. Then I went down to the pub and had a jack & honey on ice. A couple of the girls were there for wings, but I had eaten dinner already, greek salad with chicken and tzatziki. I love tzatziki. I could eat it with just about everything, but I need to measure it out. It is high in calories. At least it is when you eat the whole container.

I did a crappy job of eating all the junk food in my house before starting this diet. I found some oreos in my cupboard. They were lurking behind the brown rice, and I can hear them taunting me now. The jeers are muffled through the cupboard door, but I can still hear them. Oreos are jerks.

I was going to have today off, it’s an amazing day out, sunny and warm for this time of year, I went to the greenhouse and bought a couple plants and some seeds. White gardenia and a dark pink azalea, flower and veggie assorted seeds. After washing my car I was going to start some of these seeds, but now I have to work. The gardening and car washing will have to wait for another day. My priority today was blogging. See… I sacrifice for my wonderful readers!


My focus this next week is exercise. A half hour every day, and I have a yoga workshop on sunday. I will also try another yoga studio in town this week. Driving 45 min to practice once a week is not enough. There it is in black and white. I must go now. I have a whole jar of money saved that would have been spent on creamy caffeinated delights, (sorry starbucks) that will pay for my yoga classes. I would like to tout a loss again this week. I will post measurements along with weight next wednesday, as it’s been a month.

Nap time!  I’ll be at work till 11 tonight, not really late, but I was up at 6am. TTFN





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