Ate the whole thing

I went to a movie this afternoon.  I saw the descendants.  It was good, I cried, but that’s kind of my thing.  I’m a crier.  I feel feelings.  I ate an entire bag of peanut butter M&M’s with my diet pepsi.  I felt gross.  

I am a little lonely today.  After the movie went for a drive, a jaunt around the lake, I have some new music on my iPod.  It started as a cloudy grey day, but this evening was, hard to describe, almost foggy, but just in spots, like driving thru a watercolor painting, beautiful and a little erie.  Was a nice drive, every once in a while it would get incredibly clear, the sky a crisp pale blue, and the stars winking down from the twilight,  I wish I had a camera that would capture the breathtaking beauty of the scene. 

Breakfast was a gab session with Libby and a strawberry vi shake, lunch was that entire bag of M&M’s, diet pepsi and a skinny latte.  Dinner is some crockpot chili with a tossed salad.  I am listening to my clothes clattering in the dryer, managed to get my house cleaned today.  Well, mostly cleaned. I am considering a zumba WII session, but… we will see.  I may snuggle into bed early tonight.  After I fold the mountain of laundry piled on my half-a-couch and mop my floor.  Big saturday night!

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2 thoughts on “Ate the whole thing

  1. Brooke says:

    I’m doing laundry tonight too 🙂 And am a little jealous of the WII Zumba you speak of…I will have to look into it!

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