Super Bowl Sunday

Another long day. Changed up my morning shake, made steel cut oatmeal, and added my shake mix to the oatmeal, was different, a thicker texture, but tasted good.
I went to a yoga workshop, it was more personal development, I really enjoyed it.
Afterwards I met up with my parents, we went for a late lunch at the pub I used to work at, it was nice to see some old people, we all had steak sandwiches and watched some of the Super Bowl.
I stopped at a friends to visit, stopped at work to do a liquor order, and just got home. 12 hours on the road.
I had a peanut butter and cocoa almond milk vi shake.
I’ll brush my teeth and head to bed soon. Time to start another work week!!! Maybe I’ll take a spin class tomorrow…

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2 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday

  1. NolaM says:

    You know… I forgot about you being on a diet? You are so casually cool about it.
    Ate well but watched your portion size…You are obviously going to have to work on your DRAMA… LOL I am on a DIET!…Hide the lettuce!. Grin…
    We came home and had nothing for Dinner but went to bed early.
    Still having issues with portion size being too big. I suppose we should have gotten half to bring home and snack later? Are two smaller meals better than one groaner if you eat the same amount?
    Now that I think on it… your butt did look smaller…. although I rarely look at it so what do I know? You are always gorgeous to me.

    • holleyrocks says:

      Next time I’ll have a tantrum! Demand everything wrapped in lettuce! :). I had a shake when I got home late last night, “they” say more and smaller meals are better for you… But who are “they” anyways! Love ya mom.

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