I wanted to escape from work all day. All day. But I was stuck there. Now I’m done, I don’t really have anything to do. I’m not motivated to do a thing. Canned peaches and vanilla yogurt in my Vi shake this morning. Hard to find fruit canned in juice, but I found some! Lunch was a coffee yogurt and soy shake, I add flax, chia and hemp hearts to my shakes, helps make them stick.
Snack was turkey pepperoni, a banana, and a few shriveled up grapes. They were old.
I freeze a lot of stuff. I’m not a fan of leftovers, and I don’t have a microwave, it’s not easy to heat up things. I made chili, divided it into 3 portions, and I still have leftovers. Ugh… Dinner tonight is tossed greens, tomato, peppers, salsa and fat free yogurt (instead of sourcream) and the chili will make it a “taco” salad. I think perhaps a little guacamole too!
There’s a part of me crying out, the part of me that wants to dance on a speaker. And do shooters. And shamelessly flirt with boys. This vi shake would probably be delicious with some caramel vodka…

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3 thoughts on “Monday!

  1. Cherise says:

    Somebody has a birthday soon, “that girl” could make an appearance on a speaker at a bar near YOU!!!

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