Just killing a little time

Waiting… I’m trying a new yoga studio close to home. This is the second studio I’ve tried in town. The first one was a “do what you feel” studio. I was frustrated, I’m used to being inspired, pushed to develop. How will you evolve in your practice if you do what you feel all the time? You’ll never have the satisfaction of not thinking you can do a pose, and then ahhhhhh ray of light, you do it! I’m hopeful. Class starts at 6:15. This is also a challenge because my half-a-couch is wonderfully comfy. Once I get home, it’s all over for me. The house pants go on, I’m starving, so dinner, then bed.
Had a coffee vi shake this morning, took my measurements, which I’ll post tomorrow.
Lunch was a single scoop strawberry raspberry vi shake. Snack was carrots, banana and turkey pepperoni.
I had a single scoop vi shake when I got home from work- just so I don’t have a growling belly at yoga.
Dinner is going to be chicken breast, cinnamon mashed yam and steamed broccoli. And maybe one of those Oreos that are still taunting me from the cupboard!
Happy full moon everybody, if your feeling lazy and crazy you have an excuse!
So… Not all instructors are created equal, but it was an ok sweat. Check out my awesome yoga hair!!!


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