One month weigh in

Not sore from yoga last night. Not even a little. I’m sad about it.

One month weigh in, and some new pictures.

I gained .2 of a pound from last week. 191.8 I can’t pinpoint a particular reason for this. I’ve actually, in my opinion been better about snacking. But this happens, it is a marathon not a sprint.

I should

a) be dedicated to exercise

b) count calories.

So exercise it is, seeing as I am so vehamently opposed to the idea of counting calories. I was going to use the title “in my bra” or “it’s snowing” But not feeling the razzle dazzle today.

Measurements in CM this morning, seeing as that’s what I started with:

neck 33, Bust 113, Waist 90, Hips 103. So I managed to lose a little under an inch off my waist and 1 3/4 off my hips, but nothing off my bust. Hence the possible title “in my bra” I should have taken more measurements to start, because my legs look great.

Well, they have the potential to look great. I haven’t shaved them in a while. OK. I haven’t shaved them in months. The hair is no longer prickley, I’m lucky it’s light, because it is so long the wind blows thru it. I sometimes have wind tousseled leg hair. Forget about Puxatony Phil, February 2nd If I wake up and decide to shave my legs it means an early spring. I did not this year, probably why it’s snowing today. My fault.





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