Just chilling waiting for my dinner company. I’m going away for the weekend. I’m armed with a half dozen possible outfits, who knows what we will be up to, a bag of vi shake mix, and enough wine to injure a medium sized child. I’m excited to get away from work for a weekend. Feels like I’m there a lot. Time for a mini vacay.
I’ve walked, or done yoga the last few days, but will have to get some exercise in if I plan on, no wait… WHEN I drink all that wine. I have already made that plan, time to follow thru! I really have no idea what is planned but I am excited to spend some time with Libbs.
The plan is to stop and see my ailing grandfather on the way home, he won’t know who I am. But at this stage seeing him is more about me than him. He is a tough old bugger, deaf as a door knob, macular degeneration, so he can’t see, and stage 4 liver cancer. Most people by this stage in the game are in hospice. But not him… Resilient old man.

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