New plan for today

I was going to go out with the girls tonight, I have bought a new dress, and attempted to thin out my leg hair enough to get razor thru it. My leg hair was so long, I could feel the wind blowing thru it. Single girl for months now, and I like to wear knee socks in the winter, why shave?

Unfortunately a sick kid has prompted possibly a plan B, or even C. I’m going to plant some seeds, like the hollyhocks, which was the title yesterday but never explained. I love hollyhocks, and there are no curtains on my kitchen window, I bought tall flowers to block the view in. Hollyhocks don’t bloom until the second year, unless they are started early. My mother emailed this useful tidbit of information to me while I was in revelstoke. Libby took such delight at the title holleyrocks hollyhocks, I had to throw it out for her. I would also like to find a climbing jasmine plant for my house. I like plants. And flowers, and gardening.

I worked till 11 last night and was craving timbits. I drove thru, ordered and extra small hot chocolate and 10 assorted timbits. I was hey telling with my ray of sunshine (who has not yet given his permission to be mentioned in my blog) and I unveiled my evil plot to eat all 10 timbits despite the diet. I open up the box, and 3 of them are flavorless plain gross, ugh! And then 2 more are the same styrofoam dough rolled in sugar. So of the 10 I only ate 5. I was convinced that it was all part of the Timmes workers plot against me, but “sunshine” assured me anyone working the midnight shift at Timmes on a friday night did not have an ulterior motive. I guess the universe unfolds exactly as it should.

Once again I have an abundance of wine in preparation for tonights activities, So a little exercise is also on my agenda, The sun just came out, so I’m going to capitalize and enjoy a walk on the beach. Super saturday to all!



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