I may be a bit of a hippie

The good things about my body by Vi shakes, they are quick and easy, and they are actually quite tasty. I like to customize my shakes. I add greek yogurt, chia, flax and hemp hearts, bee pollen, fruit, veggies, and all sorts of things. I even used white hot chocolate powder for a “desert” shake. Unfortunately it makes the low calorie shakes, higher in calories, by probably 200-300 calories. That is a lot on a calorie reduced diet, for a girl who HATEs counting calories. Based on this estimate, despite feeling slimmer I don’t think I have lost any weight in the last couple weeks. But we will know on wednesday.

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2 thoughts on “I may be a bit of a hippie

  1. NolaM says:

    Every day is a celebration of inventiveness and exploration.
    Food is just one of the ways you live an enriched life appreciation.
    It’s one of your absolutely best qualities.
    Just put lessor amounts of the extras in.
    Your joy and celebration in food isn’t what got you here.
    It was the 3 spoonfuls of extras instead of 2 over 10 years.
    Hug… you will get there,

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