Well then.

I took 2 muscle relaxers and fell asleep on my couch at 7:30pm last night. Around 11 I was dreaming about an ab work out. In actual fact there was a workout infomercial on the channel I fell asleep watching. I woke up, shut off the TV and went to bed. Could have been the worst cramps I’ve had in 10 years. Being off the pill, it makes sense.

Weigh in today and it was 192.4. So 3 weeks with a slight gain, but I’m not worried about it. I had to pull the smaller belt out of my cupboard, to wear a pair of old jeans that didn’t used to need a belt. And like I said worst time-of-the-month in a long time, so likely retaining a little this week.

I have been collecting new party dresses the last month, I like wearing dresses, and I’d really like to show off my recently shaved, shapely svelte legs. I also bought some HOT new shoes.20120222-184636.jpg

Now I just need an event to wear them for. I have been contemplating the idea of dating. I just… well… I don’t know. I’m flip flopping. It makes everything seem so final. However, when he moved all his shit out of the apartment we shared…that kind of made the break final too. Months ago.

I haven’t had any opportunities to date, But… if someone came into my living room to meet me and take me on a date, it would be weird. Creepy, really creepy. I guess I should get out more…

On that note, I’m going to go watch Modern family while I ride the bike trainer in my living room. Alone. In my house. Happy hump day.


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