You should be thankful I am not your fitness instructor…

Today was a day dedicated to me.  It was wonderful.  I found a jasmine plant, and wandered around artknap.  I went grocery shopping.  I loaded my new nano (thanks to the best BFF Cherise!)  And went for an hour and a half walk in the sunshine.  Was a little cold, but beautiful!!  I folded laundry while watching TV.  I had made plans to meet my friend for a spin class.  I have a bike trainer in my living room, but out of the house is a good idea!  There were 2 ladies behind me.  They spent the class leisurely peddling and visiting.  I am sorry.  Why the EFF would you go to the gym to chat.  If I were the instructor, I would have announced to the class, “I’m obviously not working you hard enough, thanks for letting me know Ladies, lets pick it up”  I would have worked the class SO hard, the floor would need to be mopped afterwards.  Why would you take a class to half ass it??  It is like going to a yoga class to just lay on the floor.  Of course I would also be the yoga instructor that makes you hold plank for 10 breaths because people are tee-peed. (cheating and poking your but up)

Those instructors are the ones that get results.  They are not for everyone, but That’s how I would be.  Maybe I should look into getting certified…


One thought on “You should be thankful I am not your fitness instructor…

  1. NolaM says:

    OK… Laughing so hard at this…
    You took a Gymnastics class at 4…
    Turned around and told another couple of older girls to “Please shut-up and listen to the teacher.”
    Gasps from their mothers… You did the eyeroll at them and said… “I said PLEASE,…”
    Even then you were there to work the plan. LOL

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