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Pants I was previously too fat for

I couldn’t even get them over my ass… Now I have a little extra thigh room, notice the wrinkles? Whoop whoop



A day late…

Happy Belated Hump day. I didn’t blog much last week. Sorry… Lets see… I went out thursday night for a bit, had some great company. Friday I worked, and then went out for a bit with D. Saturday I went for a drive, it was a beautiful sunny day. I started out just exploring the roads around summerland, but eventually the road turned to dirt, and mud, and snow…I was driving down a 4X4 quality road in my poor little car. It was really muddy, I ended up in princeton. I was thinking of Grampa for most of the way, thinking, we must be related…this is stupid. Only he would be doing something stupid like this… It was a great drive, sunny, and a loaded iPod.


Sunday I met a friend for coffee, and I re arranged some furniture, started some of my seeds for the garden. My mother messaged me, Gramps passed away sunday afternoon. I am so grateful he is no longer suffering. He had gone into Hospice last monday, so he only lasted a week. The funeral is on monday. I know he didn’t want a funeral, wanted to be cremated and done with it. We talked on our hours and hours driving around, but I guess since he is dead, he doesn’t get a vote. I know memorials are more for survivors, I think you should visit people while they are alive, not wait till they are dead to sing praises. Libs said she would come with me, and we will meet Cherise for dinner afterwards, again I have such amazing friends, and support. I am thankful for you everyday.

Monday was a usual day, I had a volunteers meeting for saturdays elevator race. I will be stationed at the transitions timing athletes as they pass by. Road cycle to run/snowshoe then up to the alpine for mountain bike to cross country ski, really excited to see this race, 27 teams! Tuesday I worked late and missed my beloved barre class. I biked inside instead, watched some “new girl” on TV.


I had mixed emotions about weighing on wednesday. I wanted to post a loss, but would have been self satisfied if calorie counting proved fruitless. It was a smashing success…dammit…I mean, whaaahoooo! I stepped in at 188.2. That is 4 lbs down from last week. I went to work, had an extremely productive day, then Libbs came up from revy for a visit. We went for a little 10k walk (she ran) and then dinner at the wild scallion (killer healthy vegetarian food). Micah was in town for a bartending competition, so our plan was tohead out to see him, and Libs had never been to a flair event. We had a great time, and was so good to see Micah, he is a ray of sunshine! Wednesday was a spectacular day! We got home late and I am suffering from no sleep, but totally worth it!

I unloaded 4 pallets of beer today, so I am tired and stiff, salty bath and off to bed, Still counting calories…Lame…




This is what I have been reduced to…

Calorie counting, what a bunch of bullshit!  But I think It will be a good tool for the next three weeks to keep me on track with my Vi shakes (add me if you have he “my fitness pal” app).  I say this as I am sitting outide starbucks having a chai tea and a scone.  I forgot to run my dishwasher last night and had no clean bullet cups.  In retrospect I could have hand washed one.  It’s a relatively nice day, some sunshine, but a little cool.  I think I was being ambitious sitting outside.

I have so much planned today!  My house is a MESS, so a tidy, and then clean is needed.  mopping, dusting, and laundry.  I have been sharing my half-a-couch with a daunting pile of clean laundry for well over a week.  Then clean the bathroom, change bedding, the whole deal.  I need some groceries, fresh fruit and veggies.  Of course a good blogging was on  my agenda for today, and usually I’ll blog after exercising, but I’m switching it up today.

Been an OK week.  I have exercised an hour or more everyday.  Wednesday I broke down and put away 3 pallets of liquor, made 3 large cut case displays, did an hour fifteen of yoga then finished my day with 45 min of zumba.  The Zumba class was… entertaining.  The instructor had really high energy, but wasn’t big on the musicality.  Any idea how hard it is to knowingly dance OFF the beat of the music?  And not to just, A)  stop and watch B)  double over laughing.  It felt good to be on my yoga mat, but I still miss my “home” studio.

With spring possibly here I really want to be outside doing stuff.  Walking, hiking, running possibly.  I have also been considering releasing my bike from the trainer and riding outdoors.  I love the barre workout at the studio, and they have a bootcamp program early mornings, might be a good idea.  I need a great personal trainer to put together a program for me, and the gym is on my radar.  We have a really cool gym in town that has their classes outdoors, on the roof of the building.  I think it’s something I’ll like.  It’s a smaller space, and the other 2 gyms have better hours (24hour card lock)  But would that honestly make a difference?  Will I want to work out at 9pm or later?

Thank you for the responses I got about what you are doing to slim down, I will do some more research.  Thank you for your support.  I was letting the force of gravity on my body get me down.  I was moved to tears (happy tears) with your comments, I really do have the most incredible support group.  I am grateful.

Next week is a busy one, I have a volunteer meeting monday night, barre tuesday, there is a flair contest wednesday and the elevator race is saturday.  I am really excited to potentially meet some people!

This company also does an array of activities and has a singles option.  Yeah Kayaking!


I should get this show on the road, blog soon!



F@#$%%^, Mu$%^F**&( Sh(*!

Hump day today and the scale says 192.  I have been strictly sticking to the shakes, and getting at least 30 min exercise everyday.  What a bunch of Shit.  Plus my ass is killing me from the barre workout yesterday,  this takes time… I have to remind myself, this takes time.  I have a huge liquor order in today, 4 pallets I bet, and I am going to try another yoga teacher tonight.  I need some good yoga bliss.  So disappointing…

I’m gonna make this town my Bitch.

I have decided.  Not moving back to Kelowna, or West Kelowna.  I am going to get out there and meet some cool people.  I am going to get out there and do some cool stuff.  I am going to Kayak, mountain bike, stand up paddle board, hike, snow shoe, maybe I’ll learn to golf, or wake board.  I am going to tour wineries.  I am going to play tennis, and walk on the beach.  This new town is a fresh start, and although we have had a bumpy start, and I desperately miss my friends, family and yoga studio, I need to embrace this.  I am personable enough I don’t have a problem meeting people providing I leave my house.  Which I will do, starting tomorrow…

The vi shakes have been ok, I think I’ll take a break from them at the end of April, or maybe down to one a day.  I need to look at some options, any suggestions?  High protein low carb? Raw?  High fat low carb?  I just feel like I’m losing motivation, and I need to switch things up.  I feel thinner, svelte, less bulgy.  I’ve seriously diminished my love handles.  Considering investing in a few personal trainer sessions, that might help too.   And going to the gym is a good way to start meeting people, all part of my plan to dominate this town!

One step forward, two steps back

I’m sitting waiting patiently at Honda. I was due for my first service. I haven’t slept well all week, until last night, after an hour walk (7K), a kick ass salad, a hot tub and 3/4 of a bottle of wine. It’s hard to function without sleep, AND be nice to people! This time change f’ed me up. Or something… I’ve been cranky!


I did go see my fabulous hair stylist, who told me to get out and date, but that I was too hot to lower my standards in any way! I love him.

I really like the color of my eyes in this picture, are they usually that color? Love them. Thanks Mom and Dad.
I received my vi mix yesterday, and the flavor packets I ordered. Was sadly disappointed when I only got the chocolate and strawberry. They also have orange, banana and peach, but they are not approved for sale in Canada. I could procure a US mailing address and have them re-shipped, but sounds like a lot of work. I guess I’ll pick up OJ, frozen peaches and banana milk instead.

It was a spectacular walk! You can’t see, but on the left of this picture is a vineyard and to the right a golf course. Really is a beautiful place to live!

I have decided I’m going to take 60 minutes every day for myself.  To use however I like guilt free.  I might spend it exercising, painting my toe nails, gardening, making a CD, Blogging, however I choose.  Without feeling like I SHOULD be doing something else.  Happy friday ALL!

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Bittersweet weigh in

Another 190.4 this week, I’m feeling tight, retaining water and a little swollen. But regardless. Same weight today. Measurements look good;
Neck 33cm
Bust 112 cm (down a whole cm!)
Waist 90 cm
Hip 108 cm
My legs look amazing, wish I would have measured them…

I need a new spark…

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I love the barre workout!  Love love LOVE.  I went today after work, and then biked for 30 min, I guess to make up for yesterday.  Dinner is ground chicken and ricotta stuffed pepper with tossed greens, fresh basil, goatcheese tomato and a balsamic reduction.  Weigh in day tomorrow…

My wasted weekend

It is raining/snowing today. Winter is taking one last kick at us. I’d like to use that as an excuse for wasting my weekend. But it’s just that, an excuse.

Friday night I went out after work, I saved my waistline a little and decided not to drink, my wallet appreciated my decision as well. I had a great time. Lots of laughs, some dancing, a little flirting… yeah, I got, long awkward eye contact and suggestive nods from a couple reasonably attractive 20 somethings. And then left with the bunch of girls I was with to go to Denny’s. They made a huge drunken scene, yelling, spilling water, crawling on the floor (gross) But I was wildly entertained. By the time I chauffeured everyone home it was 5am. Good times… My abs hurt, a little from the barre workout, and a little from the laughing, I’m sure of it.20120312-194734.jpg

Saturday I was toying with the idea of going out in Kelowna, so a nap was in order. I have a queen size inflatable bed, it fits perfectly in my living room, and is a pretty sweet set up. That’s what I did, I inflated my living room bed and watched movies, Twilight (insert sad single girl comment here) And She’s the man, just for Channing Tatum, twice (more sad single girl comments here). I left the house for about an hour to meet my friend C, who had come for a drive and visit, and then went home to my living room bed. I napped, watched movies, drank tea and then decided not to go out. Wasted my whole day, no exercise…didn’t shower, or clean my house…nothing. Oh wait, I did put on a mud face mask. Big day.

Sunday I was going to try a zumba class, but with the time change I slept in! I NEVER sleep in. I watched Indiana Jones and it was looking like another day sucked into my living room bed, but I gathered the strength to pull the stopper,got dressed, and went for a walk. I was a beautiful day, I was wearing a scarf and toque with my sunglasses. I figured to make up for a days missed exercise I’d go for an extra long walk. I try to walk briskly for an hour, at least every other day, usually turns out to be around 5k.

(An aside… I’m in a Starbucks blogging and I realize thechairs in here match my kitchen chairs at home, I rescued 3 from a dumpster a few months ago, I wonder if they were stolen? Now I know where to go if I need a fourth…)

I started my walk with my recently randomly filled nano, 955 song and a complete surprise, I forget about some of the great music I have! (I have an impressive music collection, 1300+ CD’s and over 2600 songs in my iTunes account, I may or may not have had/have an obsession…better than spending my money on drugs right?)


I did 10k in an hour 35 min. The sun didn’t last long, windpicked up, it rained on me, and then the hail started, hail hurts, stings something awful. Hence the good time, I was talking FAST, stupid weather. Stupid winter. The sun did show again at the end.
I realized I missed my month milestone measurements and pictures last week. That will be a good motivator, I feel like I’m starting to fizzle. I need some whip cracking, and renewed vigor. Even tonight, I should have biked for 30 min, but instead I went for a drive and came down to starbucks to blog. It’s funny I’m here plugged into m awesome iPod, typing, but it feels good to be around people. Passively around people. My job leaves me pretty lonely most of the day. And living alone on top of it, I should join a gym? That might help my motivation too…


This might do something for my motivation…



Booze breeds whores, and fat cells….

I am so sorry.  5 days without blogging.  It’s not my fault, I’m going to blame it on my friend Jack.  Jack Daniels….

Ok, so what has gone on the last 5 days?  I have been doing an outright shitty job of being on a diet.  Starting with last saturday night,  No…earlier.  Friday night I went out and had a couple bourbons.  Alcohol is empty calories, I drink it on ice or with water, so no added calories in the mix, but…means I also drink them faster, and sometimes more of them.

Saturday some of my girls came down (Cherise, Vanessa, Candace and my one penticton friend D)  We started with wine, moved to venti starbucks with caramel vodka and alcohol infused whipped topping.  A wonderful invention I tripped across, and HAD to have.  I have caramel and vanilla, they also make chocolate, berry and cherry.  You can get them at Liquor Depots thru B.C.  FYI…

Feeling pretty snapped up before we left the house it was down to the pasta factory for dinner, then best damn sports bar for a couple drinks before the “concert.”

In case you don’t know I have some EXTREMELY attractive friends.  Super hot.  Some 26 year old man candy came and entertained us before heading to the bar.  Once we got to the bar, the band sounded good, I think.  I’m pretty sure.  A couple shooters and a few drinks, then we hit the dance floor.  The DJ took over the last couple hours (I know him, have since we were kids, but I don’t have his permission to blog about him)  We danced, sweaty, giggling, dorky, awesome, dancing.

After the bar a couple girls went for a hotdog, I resisted, I fricking love hot dogs, especially with melted nacho cheese.  Oh yes…nacho cheese…

More giggling in the cab home, the poor cabbie must have thought we were on glue.  Once home it was cupcakes with boozy whipped cream, and water before bed.  I felt pretty good the next morning, after everyone cleared out I got out for a little 5k walk in the sunshine.

I must have had a time delayed hangover, Monday I felt like ass.  ASS.  Monday night after work I came home and went to bed.

I was pretty depressed for a few months.  Just going thru the motions at work.  Getting things done, but nothing excessive,  I was treading water.  I feel better.  I’m more motivated.  My poor staff doesn’t know what happened.  I went from Eyore “do what you can”  to Tigger “we are going to do this, and change that, clean this, lets move this, stock this…”  Should be interesting, I hope my enthusiasm is contagious, or I’ll have to do some hiring.

Tuesday after work I burned out of there to get in a 5k walk before it got dark.  It was flipping cold and windy by the end, I biked for half an hour when I got home just to warm up.

I had an odd text from my Ex he wanted to hang out, so wednesday after work I made a quick trip to Kelowna, We hung out, he needed some support, yes… I know… but this isn’t a relationship blog…  Watched star wars, Empire strikes back and had thai food.  We started with episode I and are almost done all 6 movies.  Who knows what will happen when we are done watching them, is that when we will stop hanging out like a normal couple when they breakup?  LOL.

The reason I didn’t blog yesterday on hump day was my Kelowna trip, Blame it on my ex.  Bahahaha…

I weighed in the morning, running a little late I didn’t have time to find the sweet spot on my floor.  190.8.  A gain of .4 lbs.  I bet it’s all in my liver.  My poor liver.  I had a little more time this morning and stepped on the scale, (I know, BAD weighing more than once per week) It was 190.4 again.  This week is a weight wash, but it sure was fun!  I should be getting a Vi shipment in the next few days, and good thing, my supply is getting low.  I also purchased some packets for making shakes away from home, and different flavor packs, maybe that will renew my diet fever.