Cake pop

I am sitting in starbucks, indulging in a raspberry truffle cake pop, and a chai.  I am that person in starbucks using the wifi despite having a perfectly good connection at home.  Wearing headphones, listening to a band I’m really into right now, you probably haven’t heard of them…clicking away on my mac.  I am so important, and hip.  Why don’t hipsters like rivers?  They are too mainstream.   Who knew cake on a stick would be so delicious?  Hipsters did, before we had even dreamed them.

I don’t know what was going on when I got dressed today, black sweat pants, turquoise long sleeve, purple hoodie, green toque, and my orange wind breaker.  I went for a brow wax, and an hour long walk.  I was going to hit a zumba class this morning…  But did not.  I tried a barre class yesterday in the morning.  Oh good god.  It was fantastic.  Maybe Cherise could better explain it, a dance warm up/exercise class, using the ballet bar.  I was pretty shaky when I left, she apparently went easy on us.  Wow.  After work I put on my hot shoes and a new dress and went for a couple drinks.  It was a circus.  Minus the rides, oh wait, that’s a carnival.  Right… Lots of entertaining drunk people to watch!

I was having a hard time standing by the end of the night, and peeing…HA!  My thighs and ass were so sore, I needed to angle myself in a way that I could pee without peeing on myself, while trying to not touch anything in the cubicle, and hovering above the toilet seat before my shaking, burning and quaking thighs give out.  I envisioned falling into a heap on the floor of the stall, my leggings twisted around my calfs, my dress around my waist and my hot shoes in the air.  Disaster.  Probably into the balled up toilet paper and melting ice of discarded drinks.  Yuck.  

I plan on having a nap, going out for another night on the town.  Some of my best girls are headed down for a sleepover, and we are going to an Aerosmith cover band.  One girl is bringing her “extra long scarf”  Going to be a flat shoe night tonight, and no purse, maybe a drink in each hand.

The week was fairly uneventful, bike trainer or walking a half hour each day, except thursday, My fabulous parents came for dinner, and friday because of that class.  Thursday I made rosemary apple and bourbon stuffed pork loin, risotto and steamed veggies.  One on the things I miss most about a “domestic partnership” is the cooking.  I love cooking for someone other than myself.  With this body by Vi shake twice per day it only leaves me one meal and a snack.  I guess if I was cooking for someone not on a diet it would come with a whole other set of problems.  


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