Booze breeds whores, and fat cells….

I am so sorry.  5 days without blogging.  It’s not my fault, I’m going to blame it on my friend Jack.  Jack Daniels….

Ok, so what has gone on the last 5 days?  I have been doing an outright shitty job of being on a diet.  Starting with last saturday night,  No…earlier.  Friday night I went out and had a couple bourbons.  Alcohol is empty calories, I drink it on ice or with water, so no added calories in the mix, but…means I also drink them faster, and sometimes more of them.

Saturday some of my girls came down (Cherise, Vanessa, Candace and my one penticton friend D)  We started with wine, moved to venti starbucks with caramel vodka and alcohol infused whipped topping.  A wonderful invention I tripped across, and HAD to have.  I have caramel and vanilla, they also make chocolate, berry and cherry.  You can get them at Liquor Depots thru B.C.  FYI…

Feeling pretty snapped up before we left the house it was down to the pasta factory for dinner, then best damn sports bar for a couple drinks before the “concert.”

In case you don’t know I have some EXTREMELY attractive friends.  Super hot.  Some 26 year old man candy came and entertained us before heading to the bar.  Once we got to the bar, the band sounded good, I think.  I’m pretty sure.  A couple shooters and a few drinks, then we hit the dance floor.  The DJ took over the last couple hours (I know him, have since we were kids, but I don’t have his permission to blog about him)  We danced, sweaty, giggling, dorky, awesome, dancing.

After the bar a couple girls went for a hotdog, I resisted, I fricking love hot dogs, especially with melted nacho cheese.  Oh yes…nacho cheese…

More giggling in the cab home, the poor cabbie must have thought we were on glue.  Once home it was cupcakes with boozy whipped cream, and water before bed.  I felt pretty good the next morning, after everyone cleared out I got out for a little 5k walk in the sunshine.

I must have had a time delayed hangover, Monday I felt like ass.  ASS.  Monday night after work I came home and went to bed.

I was pretty depressed for a few months.  Just going thru the motions at work.  Getting things done, but nothing excessive,  I was treading water.  I feel better.  I’m more motivated.  My poor staff doesn’t know what happened.  I went from Eyore “do what you can”  to Tigger “we are going to do this, and change that, clean this, lets move this, stock this…”  Should be interesting, I hope my enthusiasm is contagious, or I’ll have to do some hiring.

Tuesday after work I burned out of there to get in a 5k walk before it got dark.  It was flipping cold and windy by the end, I biked for half an hour when I got home just to warm up.

I had an odd text from my Ex he wanted to hang out, so wednesday after work I made a quick trip to Kelowna, We hung out, he needed some support, yes… I know… but this isn’t a relationship blog…  Watched star wars, Empire strikes back and had thai food.  We started with episode I and are almost done all 6 movies.  Who knows what will happen when we are done watching them, is that when we will stop hanging out like a normal couple when they breakup?  LOL.

The reason I didn’t blog yesterday on hump day was my Kelowna trip, Blame it on my ex.  Bahahaha…

I weighed in the morning, running a little late I didn’t have time to find the sweet spot on my floor.  190.8.  A gain of .4 lbs.  I bet it’s all in my liver.  My poor liver.  I had a little more time this morning and stepped on the scale, (I know, BAD weighing more than once per week) It was 190.4 again.  This week is a weight wash, but it sure was fun!  I should be getting a Vi shipment in the next few days, and good thing, my supply is getting low.  I also purchased some packets for making shakes away from home, and different flavor packs, maybe that will renew my diet fever.


2 thoughts on “Booze breeds whores, and fat cells….

  1. Heatheroo says:

    I am amazed that even with all your drinking you really didnt gain ANYTHING! Yeeesh! Definately envious! LOL! Guess I must do something wrong when I drink! I swear… one beer and Id be up by like 4 lbs! But I swear my body defies the laws of weight gain/law. Isnt one pound some 3000 calories?? i tell ya.. I dont need anywhere NEAR that to gain a lb! Call it water retention if you want.. maybe that applies to the drinking for me, but I could have a small blizzard and spontaneously gain an amount of weight I didnt think possible! LOL! But I digress, its ok to cut loose still once in awhile!

  2. NolaM says:

    Those comedians at DQ have a calorie counter… facepalm…
    450 for a mini 1500 for a large with 200% of your daily recommended Fat… sigh…
    Only 700 for a foot long with Chili and cheese. 340 for a reg with chz.

    Congrats on flatlining… I was talking about your braincells… Not your weight… Grin.

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