My wasted weekend

It is raining/snowing today. Winter is taking one last kick at us. I’d like to use that as an excuse for wasting my weekend. But it’s just that, an excuse.

Friday night I went out after work, I saved my waistline a little and decided not to drink, my wallet appreciated my decision as well. I had a great time. Lots of laughs, some dancing, a little flirting… yeah, I got, long awkward eye contact and suggestive nods from a couple reasonably attractive 20 somethings. And then left with the bunch of girls I was with to go to Denny’s. They made a huge drunken scene, yelling, spilling water, crawling on the floor (gross) But I was wildly entertained. By the time I chauffeured everyone home it was 5am. Good times… My abs hurt, a little from the barre workout, and a little from the laughing, I’m sure of it.20120312-194734.jpg

Saturday I was toying with the idea of going out in Kelowna, so a nap was in order. I have a queen size inflatable bed, it fits perfectly in my living room, and is a pretty sweet set up. That’s what I did, I inflated my living room bed and watched movies, Twilight (insert sad single girl comment here) And She’s the man, just for Channing Tatum, twice (more sad single girl comments here). I left the house for about an hour to meet my friend C, who had come for a drive and visit, and then went home to my living room bed. I napped, watched movies, drank tea and then decided not to go out. Wasted my whole day, no exercise…didn’t shower, or clean my house…nothing. Oh wait, I did put on a mud face mask. Big day.

Sunday I was going to try a zumba class, but with the time change I slept in! I NEVER sleep in. I watched Indiana Jones and it was looking like another day sucked into my living room bed, but I gathered the strength to pull the stopper,got dressed, and went for a walk. I was a beautiful day, I was wearing a scarf and toque with my sunglasses. I figured to make up for a days missed exercise I’d go for an extra long walk. I try to walk briskly for an hour, at least every other day, usually turns out to be around 5k.

(An aside… I’m in a Starbucks blogging and I realize thechairs in here match my kitchen chairs at home, I rescued 3 from a dumpster a few months ago, I wonder if they were stolen? Now I know where to go if I need a fourth…)

I started my walk with my recently randomly filled nano, 955 song and a complete surprise, I forget about some of the great music I have! (I have an impressive music collection, 1300+ CD’s and over 2600 songs in my iTunes account, I may or may not have had/have an obsession…better than spending my money on drugs right?)


I did 10k in an hour 35 min. The sun didn’t last long, windpicked up, it rained on me, and then the hail started, hail hurts, stings something awful. Hence the good time, I was talking FAST, stupid weather. Stupid winter. The sun did show again at the end.
I realized I missed my month milestone measurements and pictures last week. That will be a good motivator, I feel like I’m starting to fizzle. I need some whip cracking, and renewed vigor. Even tonight, I should have biked for 30 min, but instead I went for a drive and came down to starbucks to blog. It’s funny I’m here plugged into m awesome iPod, typing, but it feels good to be around people. Passively around people. My job leaves me pretty lonely most of the day. And living alone on top of it, I should join a gym? That might help my motivation too…


This might do something for my motivation…




5 thoughts on “My wasted weekend

  1. NolaM says:

    Your father said… She should get a TV for her bedroom… on the other hand… playing ‘tent’ in the living yuume was always a favorite. LOL
    That darn work ethic… I thought that managers were supposed to just sit around texting and blogging at work?
    Oh no… you have to work and actually interact with your customers… headshake… what kind of an example is that?
    Learn a Language, Put your tunes on in the store and do laps, Buy yourself some wheelies. Wash the windows and cooler glass to reduce the Granny flaps… Sweep the grit out of the parking lot.
    Make a list and cross things off…You love to do that. I was cleaning out an old paper stack and found 2 scribbled out lists of yours.
    Do like the old days… fill a Cork board with post it projects and clean it off.
    Whomever has the most post its wins something.
    C’mon girl… it’s SPRING… YeeeHawww You do realize that PenCity is going to have half nekid ripped horny guys @ 1 every 10 Sq feet this summer?
    Might be you could even find some straight ones too? Grin.

    • holleyrocks says:

      OH MOM! They have lists, and I have lists, All over it already, I do listen to “tunes” all day, but I’m still all by myself. Seems silly to have more than one TV in my 450 sq foot suite, I could have watched movies on my laptop, but you are right, the fort in the living room appeals to my sense of play. Hot men hey? I don’t know if that will motivate me? Maybe a really sexy dress? Or… A tropical vacation? I don’t know, but my motivation is waning…

  2. Vanessa says:

    hahahaha oh Nola! I’m finding your comment inspiring!! haha. I consider the gym my social outing for the day. Passively being around people..and when the cute guy is working the desk, sometimes I put on make up before I go…I treat it like the bar…but during the day. It’s still just as sweaty and the music is loud. I’m very excited for this summer and I plan on spending a lot more time in Penticton (where no one knows your name). Lets get our kness dirty. Love you!!

  3. NolaM says:

    Yes… well… the conversation after we helped to move her into her place went like this…
    Me… Not much room for sleepovers and ‘Welcome to my neighbourhood’ parties
    Glen… There is a huge back yard and her kitchen drop leaf table flips out to a single.
    Me… We don’t have to Chaperone or talk to the police anymore… right?
    He leans over and pats me on the knee…WE will be out of town…
    Me…Where are we goin’?
    Him… I dunno… you haven’t told me yet… Eyebrow wiggle … It’s need to know.

    I do believe Cherise might still have the 8-tracks…LOL

    Holley totally needs to add music to this blog.
    Mom hug.

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