One step forward, two steps back

I’m sitting waiting patiently at Honda. I was due for my first service. I haven’t slept well all week, until last night, after an hour walk (7K), a kick ass salad, a hot tub and 3/4 of a bottle of wine. It’s hard to function without sleep, AND be nice to people! This time change f’ed me up. Or something… I’ve been cranky!


I did go see my fabulous hair stylist, who told me to get out and date, but that I was too hot to lower my standards in any way! I love him.

I really like the color of my eyes in this picture, are they usually that color? Love them. Thanks Mom and Dad.
I received my vi mix yesterday, and the flavor packets I ordered. Was sadly disappointed when I only got the chocolate and strawberry. They also have orange, banana and peach, but they are not approved for sale in Canada. I could procure a US mailing address and have them re-shipped, but sounds like a lot of work. I guess I’ll pick up OJ, frozen peaches and banana milk instead.

It was a spectacular walk! You can’t see, but on the left of this picture is a vineyard and to the right a golf course. Really is a beautiful place to live!

I have decided I’m going to take 60 minutes every day for myself.  To use however I like guilt free.  I might spend it exercising, painting my toe nails, gardening, making a CD, Blogging, however I choose.  Without feeling like I SHOULD be doing something else.  Happy friday ALL!

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