I’m gonna make this town my Bitch.

I have decided.  Not moving back to Kelowna, or West Kelowna.  I am going to get out there and meet some cool people.  I am going to get out there and do some cool stuff.  I am going to Kayak, mountain bike, stand up paddle board, hike, snow shoe, maybe I’ll learn to golf, or wake board.  I am going to tour wineries.  I am going to play tennis, and walk on the beach.  This new town is a fresh start, and although we have had a bumpy start, and I desperately miss my friends, family and yoga studio, I need to embrace this.  I am personable enough I don’t have a problem meeting people providing I leave my house.  Which I will do, starting tomorrow…

The vi shakes have been ok, I think I’ll take a break from them at the end of April, or maybe down to one a day.  I need to look at some options, any suggestions?  High protein low carb? Raw?  High fat low carb?  I just feel like I’m losing motivation, and I need to switch things up.  I feel thinner, svelte, less bulgy.  I’ve seriously diminished my love handles.  Considering investing in a few personal trainer sessions, that might help too.   And going to the gym is a good way to start meeting people, all part of my plan to dominate this town!


9 thoughts on “I’m gonna make this town my Bitch.

  1. Heatheroo says:

    Taking over MY town are ya?? LOL! Totally jealous! It was always my stomping grounds.. I felt like some sort of ruler when I was there… but I suppose I lost it all when I left to Calgary! Take care of Penticton for me Holl!!! Its like my lost love…
    So… trying to come up with some new ideas huh? Sadly.. I can offer what I AM doing.. but not necessarily recommend it! LOL!!! 😛 And yea.. its basically, more lean protien, low(ish) carbs, TONNES of fresh veggies, trying to have little to NO processed food, and eating like 5-6 times a day, mild exercise. Havent announced it yet.. but have basically lost damn near 40 lbs in the past year from “my” method. And right now.. trying to teach it to my BFF. Since January I have lost almost 20 lbs.. woulda been more if maybe I didnt “relapse” on occasion, and maybe upped my exercise routine. But the way I look at it is.. its a realistic diet for me. Something I can actually learn to make my every day habit. Not a FAD! We should get together soon so I can talk to you more about it! 🙂
    Anyways.. keep motivated girl.. and be good to my town for me! *tear* 🙂

    • holleyrocks says:

      You also did a cleanse? Wild rose? So no wheat, sugar, or dairy? That’s Great Heather!
      I am not going to just live here, I’m going to start taking this shit over. No more wearing my house pants to the grocery store…

      • Heatheroo says:

        Yea.. it was the Wild Rose one, that was over a month ago now, but been trying to basically continue the diet to the best I can! LOL! So.. still no dairy (learned to like my almond milk…) and no wheat unless I give in. LOL 😛

  2. NolaM says:

    30,000 pop…lessee… if you meet 3 new people a Day… that will only be…27 years.
    Or… using Holley math…taking off my sox… carry the 7…about 2 years before you are on a first name basis with almost everyone.
    What is your charity going to be? Got to select a cause…

    • holleyrocks says:

      I’m going to start with the elevator race volunteer, and I’m trying to decide where I want to work one or two days a week. Might take a little longer because I need to learn summerland too… 🙂
      I’mmmm baaaacckkk…

  3. Vanessa says:

    Two things: I had a personal trainer develop a program for me and it has hands down been the best decision i made in my fitness journey. Its not expensive because once youve developed the program you can do it on your own. Then I just meet with her every 3-4 months for a new program so I don’t plateau. I think weight training is absolutely a good idea because muscle uses more calories so it’s like a metabolism boost the more you build them. mixing cardio and weight training in a high intensity workout allows you to work out for less time but still get the same if not better results..
    As far as eating goes, I’ve learned a lot about the glycemic index…If you make choices that are high in sugar/carbs without adding a protein, you’re more likely to choose high sugar foods at your next meal.. so I try to include a protein with everymeal. Eff calories or restricted diets.
    Just some thoughts..don’t lose hope I absolutely know you can do this! You’re one of the strongest people I know!

  4. Banks says:

    Hey lady… Penticton has a wicked bike club and amazing trails. If you are looking to meet peeps this is another outlet fo’sho and since you have a bike 🙂
    Also, a lady i worked with lost 25 lb’s doing this kick start program. http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/books/Day-Diet-Doctors-Plan-Designed-Dr-Mike-Moreno/9781451648652-item.html?ikwid=17+day+diet&ikwsec=Home
    It helped her learn about her body, lose weight and continue eating healthy in moderation to keep the weight off. I am pondering doing a cleanse now also as I gained a wicked five from a fabulous holiday!!
    take care!

    • holleyrocks says:

      Interesting! I’ve seen a poster for the bike club, I’ll look into both of those things! Thanks S! We should meet up soon what’s your schedule like?

      • Banks says:

        I am a monday-friday work kinda gal. Let me know next time you are in the area. We could either go for a drink, walk or whatevs.

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