F@#$%%^, Mu$%^F**&( Sh(*!

Hump day today and the scale says 192.  I have been strictly sticking to the shakes, and getting at least 30 min exercise everyday.  What a bunch of Shit.  Plus my ass is killing me from the barre workout yesterday,  this takes time… I have to remind myself, this takes time.  I have a huge liquor order in today, 4 pallets I bet, and I am going to try another yoga teacher tonight.  I need some good yoga bliss.  So disappointing…


5 thoughts on “F@#$%%^, Mu$%^F**&( Sh(*!

  1. Marlene says:

    Just keep in mind, Holley, MUSCLE weighs MORE than fat!! As long as your clothes are fitting differently! (and in some cases, tighter, because you have muscle in places you are building up!) As the expression goes, “just breathe!” ❤ u

  2. Heatheroo says:

    BAH! I use that line to make everyone else trying to lose weight feel better too! Explain MY pound that mysteriously went up yesterday even after trying SO hard and being so good this past week, causing me to binge the rest of the day (binge: 3 burritos, a hot dog, carmel popcorn and an icecream cone spread out the rest of the day, but I turned down Kaylees request for McDonalds, meh)… yeesh.. guess Ill now be working off my rebeliousness for the rest of the week. Trying to lose weigh SUCKS!!! LOL!!! :PPPP

  3. Heatheroo says:

    Oh.. and I do pretty minimal exercise.. there is no way MY muscles weighs more than my flab! LOL!

  4. Vanessa says:

    you’re beautiful. don’t let the scale deter you. keep on keeping on..don’t lose that confidence. you’re doing a huge thing. the body is tricky. show it who’s boss.

  5. Cherise says:

    Did you forget to put the scale on the “sweet spot”? I’m proud of you, they should make scales that say that… Don’t let gravities pull on your body determin how you feel. You look amazing! I love you man:)

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