This is what I have been reduced to…

Calorie counting, what a bunch of bullshit!  But I think It will be a good tool for the next three weeks to keep me on track with my Vi shakes (add me if you have he “my fitness pal” app).  I say this as I am sitting outide starbucks having a chai tea and a scone.  I forgot to run my dishwasher last night and had no clean bullet cups.  In retrospect I could have hand washed one.  It’s a relatively nice day, some sunshine, but a little cool.  I think I was being ambitious sitting outside.

I have so much planned today!  My house is a MESS, so a tidy, and then clean is needed.  mopping, dusting, and laundry.  I have been sharing my half-a-couch with a daunting pile of clean laundry for well over a week.  Then clean the bathroom, change bedding, the whole deal.  I need some groceries, fresh fruit and veggies.  Of course a good blogging was on  my agenda for today, and usually I’ll blog after exercising, but I’m switching it up today.

Been an OK week.  I have exercised an hour or more everyday.  Wednesday I broke down and put away 3 pallets of liquor, made 3 large cut case displays, did an hour fifteen of yoga then finished my day with 45 min of zumba.  The Zumba class was… entertaining.  The instructor had really high energy, but wasn’t big on the musicality.  Any idea how hard it is to knowingly dance OFF the beat of the music?  And not to just, A)  stop and watch B)  double over laughing.  It felt good to be on my yoga mat, but I still miss my “home” studio.

With spring possibly here I really want to be outside doing stuff.  Walking, hiking, running possibly.  I have also been considering releasing my bike from the trainer and riding outdoors.  I love the barre workout at the studio, and they have a bootcamp program early mornings, might be a good idea.  I need a great personal trainer to put together a program for me, and the gym is on my radar.  We have a really cool gym in town that has their classes outdoors, on the roof of the building.  I think it’s something I’ll like.  It’s a smaller space, and the other 2 gyms have better hours (24hour card lock)  But would that honestly make a difference?  Will I want to work out at 9pm or later?

Thank you for the responses I got about what you are doing to slim down, I will do some more research.  Thank you for your support.  I was letting the force of gravity on my body get me down.  I was moved to tears (happy tears) with your comments, I really do have the most incredible support group.  I am grateful.

Next week is a busy one, I have a volunteer meeting monday night, barre tuesday, there is a flair contest wednesday and the elevator race is saturday.  I am really excited to potentially meet some people!

This company also does an array of activities and has a singles option.  Yeah Kayaking!


I should get this show on the road, blog soon!




One thought on “This is what I have been reduced to…

  1. NolaM says:

    Holy schnikies… the most exhausting thing I did today was read your blog…
    Glen said… Pace yourself…read half now, half later…
    Why is counting calories so bad? Is it just not an awareness tool?
    I am excited to see you out and about. Remember your first career path as a party planner? All volunteers are NOT created equal. You totally rock at support 101.
    Have fun and bring a pack of blister bandaids.

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