A day late…

Happy Belated Hump day. I didn’t blog much last week. Sorry… Lets see… I went out thursday night for a bit, had some great company. Friday I worked, and then went out for a bit with D. Saturday I went for a drive, it was a beautiful sunny day. I started out just exploring the roads around summerland, but eventually the road turned to dirt, and mud, and snow…I was driving down a 4X4 quality road in my poor little car. It was really muddy, I ended up in princeton. I was thinking of Grampa for most of the way, thinking, we must be related…this is stupid. Only he would be doing something stupid like this… It was a great drive, sunny, and a loaded iPod.


Sunday I met a friend for coffee, and I re arranged some furniture, started some of my seeds for the garden. My mother messaged me, Gramps passed away sunday afternoon. I am so grateful he is no longer suffering. He had gone into Hospice last monday, so he only lasted a week. The funeral is on monday. I know he didn’t want a funeral, wanted to be cremated and done with it. We talked on our hours and hours driving around, but I guess since he is dead, he doesn’t get a vote. I know memorials are more for survivors, I think you should visit people while they are alive, not wait till they are dead to sing praises. Libs said she would come with me, and we will meet Cherise for dinner afterwards, again I have such amazing friends, and support. I am thankful for you everyday.

Monday was a usual day, I had a volunteers meeting for saturdays elevator race. I will be stationed at the transitions timing athletes as they pass by. Road cycle to run/snowshoe then up to the alpine for mountain bike to cross country ski, really excited to see this race, 27 teams! Tuesday I worked late and missed my beloved barre class. I biked inside instead, watched some “new girl” on TV.


I had mixed emotions about weighing on wednesday. I wanted to post a loss, but would have been self satisfied if calorie counting proved fruitless. It was a smashing success…dammit…I mean, whaaahoooo! I stepped in at 188.2. That is 4 lbs down from last week. I went to work, had an extremely productive day, then Libbs came up from revy for a visit. We went for a little 10k walk (she ran) and then dinner at the wild scallion (killer healthy vegetarian food). Micah was in town for a bartending competition, so our plan was tohead out to see him, and Libs had never been to a flair event. We had a great time, and was so good to see Micah, he is a ray of sunshine! Wednesday was a spectacular day! We got home late and I am suffering from no sleep, but totally worth it!

I unloaded 4 pallets of beer today, so I am tired and stiff, salty bath and off to bed, Still counting calories…Lame…





6 thoughts on “A day late…

  1. summer says:

    So sorry to hear about your loss. Congrats on the 4 lbs!

  2. Marlene says:

    Sorry to hear about your grampa, Holley. 😦

  3. NolaM says:

    Wash your car… LOL

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