Today I’m going to blow it.

Grampa’s funeral, I had a shake for breakfast, one for lunch, and then a second cup latte on my way, and am now waiting in Starbucks blogging and enjoying another latte.  that’s a whole lotta milk.  A “tea” is to follow the service, I bet there will be cookies.  Then dinner tonight with Libby, who drove down from Revelstoke to keep me company and Cherise, who offered to come too.  Amazing support, I truly have incredible friends.

I am looking forward to seeing my Aunt, I haven’t seen her in a couple years.  I just never seem to make it over to the island where she lives.  Really not looking forward to the rest of this…  My mother had an interestingly unique and epically scaring relationship with her father, and has decided to not attend the service.  She put in more time with him alive than anyone else, and she deserves to be free from all this.  I lifetime of one sided care and compassion for both parents is finally done.  I’m proud of her.  But the first person who has the nerve to say it’s a shame she’s not there (for this service Gramps never wanted)  is gonna get an earful!!


2 thoughts on “Today I’m going to blow it.

  1. Vanessa says:

    sending you lots of love today. i hope you celebrate the memories of your gramps and you and your mom can do that in any way you like. doesn’t matter what anyone else says or what people think is “socially accpetable” or “the norm” families around the world are different..and theyre all a little f*cked up. so i say do what feels right. even if that includes getting drunk and puking in a bath tub…falling knees first into a know..whatever.
    love you lots and hope to see you soon.

    • holleyrocks says:

      I love you, you are incredible, and I am so lucky a bottle of Jack and a crowded shower cemented our friendship…
      I hope you are enjoying your family time and baby snuggles. See you soon, please?

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