humpday again!

So as expected there were cookies at the tea.  Delicious homemade goodies.  I exceeded my calorie intake by 1000.  But, well, no guilt, I enjoyed it.  There service was short and sweet, then we went down to the pub for a cocktail.  It was really nice to see some of the family, and then Cherise Libs & I had a great dinner at our favorite restaurant!

Yesterday was a usual day at work, I’m kinda counting down till I can go visit my family.  It’s been too long between visits… I burned out of there to do a barre class, and tried to squeeze in a 10k walk before it got dark.  It was COLD and windy, so I only did 6k.  I thought my legs would be sore today, but it’s my abs I feel today.

Weighed first thing this morning, I feel thiner, But stepping on the scale I gained .4 of a pound.  No big deal, not going to get down on this, I have been doing really well exercising and counting calories (lame).  I thought, I should measure…

neck is the same at 33cm (still have the back up chin, just in case…)

bust is 112cm (down 1.5 inches since starting)

waist 88cm (also down 1.5 inches)

Hip 109cm (down 2.75 inches!)

I am proud of my fabulous legs, and the fact I still have an hourglass figure, (thank you mom & dad)

One week left of my 90 day challenge…


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