Did you miss me?

I like to power walk. I have a couple routes mapped out depending on how much time I have between getting home from work, and it getting dark. There are plenty of great trails and hills around my house. I try to go for 5-10k, and it usually takes just a little over an hour 15 to make the 10k. So I’m walking at around 9k-11k/H (no you tube clip about me trying to figure out how may k’s per hour you go…) Sometimes it is just me and my iPod, and dog spray, and cell phone, and aluminum water bottle. I know… so much stuff… I travel my route 3 or 4 times per week, and now the neighborhood dogs don’t even bark at me anymore. I’m old news. I have even taken to doing a little dancing as I walk, fancy foot work and some hip trusting, occasionally adding some arms as well… People looking out their window must think I am a CRAZY person. Dancing, wearing a bright orange windbreaker (pylon orange) and a green toque, purple hoodie, and whatever rainbow color pants I feel like. Oh and a wrist reflector, because getting hit by a car sounds awful. I saw what being run over did to my iPhone, no thanks.


That’s right, last week in a rush I lost my iPhone. I did get it back, but after a couple cars had been over it. I had forgotten about garbage day, and when I went back inside to collect the trash (previously a man job in my house) I put the phone on the roof of my car, and was at work before I realized it was missing. I was luckily due for an upgrade, and now have a new phone, but not the best way to spend my money. The neighbor kid brought it to my house, so I managed to get all the pictures off it before it gasped it’s dying breath and gave me a terminal error message. The front screen is perfectly fine, if anyone needs one…(LIB!)

I am nearing the end of my 90 day challenge. I cannot even begin to explain how far I have come, emotionally mostly, but physically as well. I remember the day Micah texted me, just to check in and say hi. I am so grateful that you suggested I do the challenge. It was exactly what I needed to pull me out of my swampy sadness. I had a superior challenge experience. A faithful friend to check up on me, and my order accuracy. Incredible support thru the Facebook page, text message and blog follower. I am grateful every day for you and Brooke. Again, amazing, and thankful.

I am thinking of reevaluating my goals at this stage. I think that a trip to a nutritionist is in order. I would look awful if I lost 30lbs. 15 or 20 max is what I think would be ideal for my frame. I want to have the muscle structure to win a push up challenge. Or arm wrestle, maybe some native american leg wrestling… Does the WWE need lady wrestlers? I could be called “Ginger Snap” bahahah…I may request people call me that just for a stage name. I guess I will post pictures and you can decide 30 lbs too much?  I wonder if I can set up a poll option on here…

It’s finally warming up enough for me to take my bike off the trainer, then I can alternate between walking, the barre and cycling. I don’t know when I’ll have time for the gym. Too bad… lol! Who nows how many K’s running shoes last? I think mine are pretty worn out, but I’m trying not to spend money all willy nilly. I know that doesn’t even sound like me. But not waitressing is hard on the bank account. 25K per week for the last 8 weeks, and then maybe 25k, plus work walking for the 8 months before. Time to invest in some soles.

Next week while I’m in calgary, maybe I can go shoe shopping with my precocious 4 year old nephew. I’ll be diet free the week I am there, so we can eat “uoot yooupes” for breakfast, and bake cookies. I am really looking forward to going for a visit! And when I return, back to stupid calorie counting and torching calories working out. Seriously contemplating another 90 day challenge, or perhaps a hybrid challenge catered to my needs. Like my need to cook.

A couple pictures from my meandering breakneck speed walks… Spring is here!  These Beauties are for my parents.  My fantastic parents have been married 33 years.  In that 33 years never once has my father bought my mother flowers.  Now this may be horrifying to some of you, but my mom doesn’t give a flying F about bouquets.  Flowers die (not unlike love…bahahah!)  But I remember as a kid my Dad bringing home the first pussy willows for my mom.  Hand cut from the side of the road.  That’s love, (and “economical”).

The second is those brave little violets that grow in lawns.  What better excuse not to cut the grass but that your kid has a thing for violets.   They are the most delightful fragrant little flowers.  Weeds really, sending a big F-you to all the lush green lawn snobs that they will grow where they please.  I remember picking bunches and bunches of them, and thrusting them under my mothers nose, “SMELL THEM!  Aren’t they SOOOOO WONDERFUL?!!!!!”



My neighbors probably think, “theres that crazy dancing girl that dresses like a colorblind pylon crawling on the lawn again…”


One thought on “Did you miss me?

  1. RENEE DULABA says:

    You make me laugh Holley!!! 🙂

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