Friday the 13th

Yesterday for lunch I had a big Mac. I’m feeling it today. I am swollen. I know better, but I had forgotten about the McD’s hangover. I also unloaded 7 pallets of liquor and re arranged to cooler at work, so the calories weren’t an issue, just the salt…3610mg for the day. Good god no wonder I’m swollen!
Weight today was 188.4
Measurements for the 90 days
Neck 13 inches
Bust 42 inches
Waist 33 inches
Hips 42 inches

I am no longer considered obese, just overweight.

Body Mass Index: 30.5 kg/m2
Waist-to-Height ratio: 0.50
Percent Body Fat: 36.1%
Lean Body Mass: 120.4 lb

You are overweight by 15.7 kilograms (34.5 pounds)
Minimum caloric requirements: 1855
Your diet should contain at least 76 grams of protein per day.

I really don’t know I’d be comfortable losing 34.5 more pounds. I couldn’t find the pants I wore for the starting pictures, they are probably in my gym bag balled up and sweaty, but they are loose… Anyways… Half way pictures!




Although I thought I had nailed my awful before pictures, in retrospect, I suggest you wear something with structure, real pants, stuff that doesn’t stretch! Jeans maybe… Happy Friday the 13th


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