Waning interest or… how to stay motivated

It takes a LONG time to lose weight.  Especially if you want to keep it off, make a healthy life change and not take up illegal narcotics, develop an eating disorder (which lasts a life time) or go into manic or depressive patterns.  It is easy to get discouraged, give up interest, lose hope.

I’d love to hear how you, my amazing readers, stay motivated.  What are your tricks?

Some people keep a picture of themselves looking bad on the fridge, that would send me running to rip it down and hide it, the first date I got, which I am ready to start any day now… dating, It’s been 10 months!!  Any one wanna fix me up?  LOL…  O yeah… as I was saying.  Not I!  I keep a couple framed pictures of my self looking REALLY great.  It reminds me that I can have that killer body, I have had it before, and with enough hard work, I can get there again.  Maybe without all the crying this time.

I am fortunate I live alone, and there is only me to shop for, But I keep healthy food, easy low cal snacks in the fridge.  I don’t buy the junk, and then am less likely to put on pants and head down to the convience store for those salty chips or calorie loaded chocolate bar.  Because putting on pants is often the deterrent for me…

I set mini goals for my self, like “I will get in 30 min of exercise today”, and the 30 often turns into more, but you HAVE to value yourself and put aside that time for you.  I know with kids and a husband and work and all the other things your life throws at you it seems like an impossible or at the very least improbable feat.  But you HAVE to!  I’ll set mini goals with meals as well.  When I realize I have eaten an entire bag of beef jerky (weird I know)  I don’t use it as an excuse to calorie load the rest of the day, Plan a healthy breakfast, and go from there.  And don’t beat yourself up over slips, just don’t make them into nasty sink holes.

Some people claim keeping a journal or an electronic journal of food helps, or counting calories.  I have these things set up, and you can see if you’d like, but I don’t find it motivates me particularly.  Having said that, If I wasn’t blogging about this whole thing, It’s likely I would have quit already.  Thank you to my readers, and Vanessa & Candace for suggesting it.  It has been life changing.

Get a work out buddy.  Someone to be a real pain in the ass about it.  This takes time, you want someone motivating but not obnoxious and with a similar or flexible schedule.  Find a physical activity you enjoy, it’s easier to drag your butt there.  And again at a time that works, I have to motivate and work out in the morning or right after work, because once my pants come off, it’s all over for me.

Reward yourself!  It is HARD work, and you have to give your self positive reinforcement, wether it be a cheat day, or a new belt, or a massage, maybe even a cake pop from Starbucks (but just one, don’t fall for the two for $2 they are still 170 calories each, your ass smaller is worth the extra 60 cents!!)

Read about someone else’s achievements!  And I’m not talking about watching the biggest loser while eating ice cream, Read other peoples blogs, millions on the internet, there are some amazing and motivating stories out there, it may help shape your motivation!

Most of all be gentle with yourself.  You will experience setbacks, it will be hard and you will want to quit.  You can do it!  Just pick up, dust yourself off, and get back on it.

2 thoughts on “Waning interest or… how to stay motivated

  1. Vanessa says:

    Oh what to say what to say.
    I think what is most difficult is trying to remember your goals throughout your day while you’re making food decisions. When I’m swamped at work and hungry and haven’t gotten a break then someone breaks out timbits I suddenly forget my goals because I’m hungry damn it! Even though I haven’t bought timbits for myself in months. So I think it’s very important to not let yourself get hungry throughout the day. that’s when I make the most destructive decisions. And I believe weight loss is like 80% about what you eat. And I try to remember how my food choices make me feel. How the timbits make me feel bloated and make me crave mmore bad food. but good food makes me feel full and satisfied and healthy! Getting motivated to workout is difficult. I think you just have to make it a pattern. take the thought right out of it. Its gym day, therefore you are going, bottom line. And treat it like an appointment..too often when days get busy or people what to make plans the gym is the first thing to go (or whatever excercise it is). But it’s an important appointment with yourself and it needs to be priority. I think it’s taken me oh i dunno…2 years to make this kind of change in my life that’s permanent..when I don’t want to eat copious amounts of candy on the couch. And I don’t try to talk myself out of the gym everyday. Its just become my life and it’s all been in small gradual steps and patience is my biggest challenge with everything in life..but it does happen. Also. I have watched every episode of X-Weighted at slice.ca haha. I don’t know why I like it so much but it shows real journeys of weightloss. ups and downs so I find it much more intriguing and relatable. Plus they have nutritionists, doctors, therapists and personal trainers giving them tips and advice that I frequently apply to my life.
    Anywho. I think you should envision the life you want for yourself and make it your mantra everyday to envision it. And also remember what you have accomplished thus far and how empowering that has been for you. You’re beautiful and it’s time you claim your beauty and live your best life.
    Doesn’t that sounds lovely? It’s not even about weightloss ultimately..it’s about making decisions everyday that you’re proud of.
    Love you wifey.
    Double date soon…;)

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