Tennis anyone?

May long weekend, and it looks like it’ll be a beautiful one! Of course people need liquor, so my store will be busy, and I’ll be there extra, but I had an amazing long weekend last week. Funny how taking your “long weekend” early makes dealing with working thru one a little easier!
I have been good about 2 shakes and a meal with healthy snacks all week. I’ve put away 16-18 pallets worth of product this week to get ready for the long weekend, I’ve walked 27k this week and today I walked down to the tennis courts and played! I made a new friend, to do activities with.
I signed up for a walk & yoga workshop on Sunday. And today I purchased a groupon for 10 yoga sessions here. I feel like it’s something that is really missing in my everyday life, must practice yoga!
I initiated contact with a boy… A real life boy! The trigger? An especially complicated matcha green tea order, made me look like a modify novice. Turned out that how he and his girlfriend always order it, 😦 BUT, the point is I didn’t run away. I was NEVER shy before, so I’m not sure what my issue was, shaken confidence I bet.
I will lose this week… Yes I will… Power of positive thinking!
One of the views from my 27k

I have to watch where I’m walking!




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