I have funhouse mirrors

I’m not feeling sexy. I’m disappointed because of the number on the scale. It feels like I’ve been dieting FOREVER… Yeah it’s hard work, I knew that. And my inspiration wanes and flows. I feel better, and I know I look better, but… I don’t feel like I look better, does that make any sense?
Months ago I went for dinner with a friend, I was complaining I didn’t feel like myself, being sad and fat. I lamented that I used to be SO HOT. He is a no nonsense type guy, he looked at me and said “What’s wrong with the mirrors at your house? You have fun house mirrors? I think they have regular ones here… Go look.”
So basically, stop whining, it’s the nicest thing he’s ever said to me. I think of that when I get down on myself, funhouse mirrors.
I took a couple pictures, I’m about to go for a bike ride so I am wearing AWESOME bike shorts


You don’t get a front view picture in my bike shorts, not the most flattering camel toe. That’s the last thing that needs to be on the Internet!
Ok, A little vent, and a pity party, I feel better already, now to apply sunscreen and go for a bike- have a great weekend all


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