I grew them myself

My left breast hurts.  I wore a lulu sports bra to work today.  I generally fits fairly well.  Except my left breast is larger than my right, and I have a chaffed spot.  Awesome.  Being chesty for most of my adult life has related into some entertaining experiences with sports bras.  I am one of the lucky?  When I lose weight, the boobs, do not go first.  Never.  I have been a full D cup or larger since I was 13.  Physical activity requires 2 or 3 sports bras, and I have tried combinations of regular bra’s, most every sports bra, and built in bra known to man.  The newest under armor bras are decent.  The best I’ve seen in a long time!  It’s expensive ($70+)  but really nice to just wear one and not have to fight your way out of multiple sweaty tight layers.  Sometimes I just want to incredible hulk style rip out of them!  And the tighter the better, but then you get boob acne, headaches and sometimes it’s even hard to breathe.

Boohoo… I know.  Yes people pay thousands of dollars for what I have!  My ex was a boob guy, and would say something (jokingly) like, why wear eye make-up?  Everyone is looking at your boobs!  He was probably right.  He made a comment about my boobs once, while my mom was around, I said something about, yeah I grew them myself, but I got them from my mom…and she snorted and said something like “you should thank goodness she didn’t get my ass…”  My mother is a funny lady.

So the real blog today is of course the hump day weigh in, but my chaffed boob was distracting, I had to get the sports bra rant “off my chest”  HAHAHAHA!

185.6 it’s ok, a little loss.  Cherise said if my scale was going to be a debbie downer I would have to throw it away.  I can’t lose sight of why I started this, (to feel better) and celebrate those improvement regardless of the imaginary numbers on the scale.

Measurements today, Bust 44, (down an inch!) waist 33 1/2 (down 1/2 inch) and hip 44 (same, same).  So I have an hour glass shape, perfect is 9 inches different from waist to hip to bust?  I think…  Looking at the pictures I posted last week, my arms look better!  My legs and ass look better too, I think.  I am wearing clothes that I wore years ago, and when I was 170, so I guess that says something about muscle tone…

I will blog about the day after I got accidentally drunk, but I have to make a flyer for work, get some exercise, and meet some friends…blog soon!



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