Hump Day!

I didn’t sleep much the last couple days, I don’t know what was up monday night, but last night I was excited. I have a date tonight.  I hope I like him as much in real life as I do via text!  I had two other dates lined up, but I wasn’t excited like this, and I managed to get out of both of them.  LOL.  I guess my problem is that I really like myself, and I have a hard time finding time to spend with people I LOVE.  I’d rather hang out with my awesome self than endure spending time with someone I don’t like.

Anyways, not the best week for exercise, I drank a LOT of wine, Thanks Vanessa, was lovely!  I made butter tarts, and cookies, and banana bread. But it was raining, and a girl needs to bake when it’s soggy outside!

The scale today was 185.2.  so not much, but a loss… respectable…  I have to get to work… have a great day, wish me luck tonight!

6 months difference


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