fashas day

I think the date was a success.  This isn’t a relationship blog, so I’m only going to share the details that pertain to my self image and weight loss.  So, I wore a dress I’ve had forever, and always makes me feel sexy.  But most of all, for the first time in 10 years I went on a date.  Got out of my house, into a dress, and had a stranger buy me dinner.  I was a little nervous, but he was great.  Either he is a genuinely nice guy, or very good at all this… And I’m fine with both. 

Thursday after the date, I was completely useless… but away a couple pallets of beer but no cardio.  Friday I did a barre class followed by a run in the sunshine.  I met a lovely elderly lady on the trail, she was in town for a bridge tournament, and we had the same pace when I walked. We chatted for 15 min, until she looped back.  This date regardless of how it ultimately ends, has been a HUGE boost to my self esteem.  And not for any other reason but that I went out for it.  Although It is nice to hear you are beautiful, you cannot hold all your water in that bucket!  Friday after work I went to the foam party, but wasn’t feeling the foam, it was entertaining as HELL to watch.  

Saturday I spent all day cleaning and organizing my house, trying to sift thru the junk from my storage unit.  I have 2 rubbermaid containers full of just pictures…oh some memories in those boxes!  And then started to get ready for another date, shaved my legs, and had a good body scrub, but he cancelled.  Shit.  So I went for a carbo load with the girls.  A couple Drinks, some salty deep fried food, and a lot of laughs.

Today I was up early to come to Kelowna.  Mat2Mat hour yoga class on bennett bridge.  It was a bit of a smozzle, but not everyone can afford to enlist my organizational skills.  LOL.  Felt so wonderful to do a few sun salutations in the sun with an amazing view of the lake.  Now afar a blogging, lunch with my parents and dinner with my ex.  Just a good little sunday…

I am having a struggle.  I feel like I need to reevaluate my goal, I am wearing old clothes, and I feel good.  Do I really need to attain that number on the scale?  Is it even a real thing?  More on that later…


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