Another .8 hump day

I really shouldn’t complain, I am posting another 2 lb loss this week. 181.8. But seriously… What is with the .8? Last week and this and a few times in the last 6 months… .8. Oh well. Measured today,
Bust 42 (same) waist 33 (half inch loss) and hip 41 1/2 (half inch loss)
Jeans I had to struggle into now fit easy, and need a belt. Those are good things. I have only had one shake this week, I have been eating really clean, lots of farmers market produce, Greek yogurt, oatmeal and whole grains. Probably too much milk and coffee. I have been craving chocolate like a crazy person. PMS. I just started back on birth control pills after a year break. Might also be contributing to the loss. They make me just ever so slightly nauseated… Or maybe it’s the idea of dating… Whatever it is, I’ll take the loss.
I haven’t worked out since Sunday. I was in kelowna for a walk/yoga workshop. Beautiful class, an hour walk, 15 min meditation, and then a 2 hour yoga class. My right calf was sore, once I warmed up it was ok, but I think I strained it Saturday. I was out for a run when it finally stopped raining. There is lots of clay on the paths by my house. I slipped on the wet clay, and caught myself before I fell in the mud. I should have just fell, it would have been dirty, but catching myself resulted in the strained muscle and a sublexed bone in my foot, which popped back into place during yoga. A couple days rest and a whole lotta muscle rub… It does feel better. Today I plan on a short bike and some yoga in the park by my house. If the sun holds out… Happy hump day, I’m hoping some yoga and maybe chocolate will help me out of this funk I feel today. Yeah, the sun is shining, I posted a loss, and there are a million things to be grateful for, but today I am feeling a funk…


One thought on “Another .8 hump day

  1. Vanessa says:

    babes. you’re making leaps and bounds in my opinion. and you didn’t used to run, now your running. acknowledge your fitness improvement as well please. raa raa! i think you’re doing excellently. proud wife, as always

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