Hello Wednesday, I have a feeling you can go F-yourself…

I have been at work 10-12 hours everyday this week.  I’m not going to lie, I don’t LOVE my job.  It has it’s ups and downs, but I do it for the money.  Not the love.  I know, do what you love and it never feels like work, and blah… blah… blah… But they pay my bills, mostly, put a roof over my head, and give me a car to drive.    The warm weather, brings everyone in complaining about the heat, to buy beer and coolers.  The next time someone says “It’s hot out there!”  I’m going to act surprised, like this news is shocking…  “REALLY???”  I’ll say, “how UNUSUAL for SUMMER!!!”  Sometimes I want to reach across the counter and bitch slap someone.  I do work in an air conditioned space, and the cooler is a frigid 2 or 3 degrees celcius, so our beer is cold.  But… It has been one marathon day after another.  And HUGE orders, 13-20 pallets of product that needs to be put away.  Every week.  I am responsible for the ordering, I am just basically guessing at what we will sell.  And hoping I don’t miss something big… Plus with the break in last week, and some large cash shortages, I’m feeling like I want to run away.  It’s not a jellyfish… right Cherise?  LOL!


I did weigh this morning, but with work and it being hot outside, (so strange for summer in Penticton…) I can’t really walk or run without giving myself heat exhaustion… I wonder if maybe my muscle mass has decreased…although hoofing away 13-20 pallets of product is aerobic exercise…

Weight 179.8.  Another  damn .8 but almost a pound loss again this week, and I know I’m retaining water.


I wish my mental state made the same progress the scale numbers made… Well they went down… and so did my spirits a bit… they do match!


Speaking of match… I have been on match.com for the past couple months.  I have had some interest, and that is where I met the boy I went on a date with.  Mostly I’ve been apathetic about the whole thing, obviously, because I’m a little dense in real life internet dating has its ups and downs too.   LOTS of crazies…


The guy I went on the date with, I did see a few more times, and we texted every night.  I really like him.  Or… liked him?  We have lots in common, and I had to stop myself from getting carried away!  Last week I invited him over to my house, and as things worked out, he stood me up… twice… in a row.  Well now, both nights he did have good reason, and I wasn’t angry.  But my feelings were hurt.  As a result of my hurt feelings, I was a little bit of a brat, and he hasn’t returned my 2 texts since last week.  Yes it’s only Wednesday… but from every day to nada?  My ego is a little punctured.  So I put a profile on Plenty of Fish.  My phone has been buzzing non stop since I posted.   It’s like a vegas slot machine dinging and vibrating… but no money has come out…?  I find POF super depressing.  I don’t want to be 50 years old trying to “hook-up”.


And it makes me think.  When I was a well developed 15 year old, a boy at subway put his phone number in my sandwich bag… so romantic…  I agreed after seeing his sandwich artistry  to go on a date.  He was older, 25.  I wasn’t old enough to drive, and he, surprise, surprise, didn’t have a car.  My Mom drove me to his house for our “date” we were going to play pool and head to the beach.  My Mom is a super smart lady.  She didn’t forbid me from going, although it must have physically PAINED her to drop me off.  She simply said to me, “Ask yourself while you are with this boy, what a 25 year old man is doing with a 15 year old girl, and why he doesn’t have a girlfriend his own age…” I think I realized quickly what was up, and she came and picked me up from the beach.  I think of that often now on POF.  And now, that guy is only 42, and within a reasonable dating age range.   Fricking 50 years old????  Thanks honey… but I already have a dad…


Ok so this week, is the last week of my advent to B-day.  Monday I failed to do something good.  I worked 13 hours.  Tuesday I saw L&T and had had my lash extensions done, and today I spent extra time blogging and chatting up some bike geeks from Colorado at Starbucks.  I need to fill the rest of my week with awesome so I don’t cry, or drink, or both, simultaneously, while eating chocolate cake.  On my half-a-couch.  And some exercise besides moving boxes… I need to post a loss on the scale, and a gain in my spirits.  Happy hump day.


2 thoughts on “Hello Wednesday, I have a feeling you can go F-yourself…

  1. Summer says:

    Don’t give up on POF that is where I found my now husband, we have been together for almost 2 years now. As corny as it sounds I can’t imagine being without him. Stop looing and just go on with your life and you will literally run into someone you have lots in common with. Best of Luck.

    • holleyrocks says:

      Thanks! I do think everything happens for a reason, and there is no rush… I did find it all a little sad… No I will not send you a naked picture… No I do not want you to come over right now, it’s 11pm… I don’t think “what’s my favorite sexual position” is a good opening line! I’ll just sit back, keep working on me, and the universe will transpire in my favor! Thanks for reading!

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