Might be time for a gym membership

I may not be able to resist any longer. I love being outside, and really would rather do pushups in the yard like I am in Jail. But… I’m so ridiculously fair. By the time I get, sunscreen, bug repellent, cool and breathable clothing, and enough water, it’s a pretty big production. I do have a camel back, water pack, but after one year in revelstoke drinking, I mean… playing ball… it still faintly tastes of Malibu. And I do believe that was the year I puked and rallied, so malibu and me have been friends off ever since.

The gym might be another place I can go to passively be around people. Starbucks is wonderful and all, but frappaccinos just to come down here, with no exercise could be potentially bad for my waistline.

I just had some retail therapy… I want to be able to wear the new clothes I bought! I went for a dress, and a new belt, seeing as most of mine are too long nowadays. Ended up with 2 dresses, a belt, a shirt, a pair of skinny, skinny pants, a swim suit and a pair of shorts. I have been really disciplined about my retail therapy lately. Not waitressing I make considerably less money, and with such a tiny house, I’m running out of places to put things. But this week with no exercise, a hellish week at work, the boy I liked vanishing off the face of the planet, and the one year of my Ex moving out, I’m feeling pretty tender. Torn between putting on my house pants and hiding in my house with a gigantic box of tissues and a tub of ice-cream, or headed out of the town. The prior is winning out, but that won’t help this lonely feeling.

So gym. Looks like it should be a priority.

; )


2 thoughts on “Might be time for a gym membership

  1. Vanessa says:

    can i just say how happy i am i didn’t have to wait until wednesday for another post!

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