Everyone needs a friend that thinks they are too skinny.

I have one. One guy who when I was 205 lbs felt compelled to send me a Facebook message that he thought my face looked skinny and I better not be losing weight because I was perfect. Now a little context this is a 6’6 black man who lives in Tennessee. I met him years ago while visiting a friend at school, and we have kept in contact via email and Facebook. A good southern gentleman who doesn’t mind a little junk in the trunk, or a little spare tire. He would be more impressed by the dinner I put on the table than the dimples in my thighs (which are nearly all gone…). I thought of this today, one of my reps came into the store, asked me how I was doing, I replied I was starving (up early this morning to get some cardio before it got too hot and breakfast plus a shake wasn’t enough to hold me over). He says, “yeah looks like you are starving away to nothing lately!”. Another fan of a big trunk. Lol!
I do have a killer chunk of chocolate cake to eat, covered in caramel and pecans and brownie. Thank you Safeway for your culinary genius!



The boy who disappeared for a little over a week re emerged last night, I guess he had a broken cell phone. So really I was feeling deflated over nothing. I have lined up a couple dates for this week from POF. Those will be interesting!
I was stood up by a girlfriend last weekend, she said something that summed up to I was too negative, and she just really needed to have a good time. Haha! Interesting, and good to know! I thought friends were there to help you through those times, silly me… Must be my negative attitude….  I am spoiled, I have the most amazing, supportive and loving friends, that I have had for years.  I found it was a bit of a slap in the face, so I just need to re-prioritze… And find some more girlfriends…

20120717-170240.jpgCheck out this old school iPod shuffle.  It’s my ex’s.  He gave it to me to load with music, but I charged it to see what was on it. WOWZA!  I used it this morning on my 10k, and by the end my face hurt from laughing and smiling on my walk.  I even stopped a couple times to break it down and have a dance party for one on the trail.

So after some cardio, I find it easier to cope with the world, I may have to peel myself outa bed at 5 am on a regular basis.  I am a little worried about the weigh in this week, I haven’t had any exercise but work.

I may not weigh till thursday this week, On my way to get ready, I have a hot date with my wife…


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