Not last and not least


my starting stats… Back in January

Body Mass Index: 33.0 kg/m2

Waist-to-Height ratio: 0.56

Percent Body Fat: 43.9%

Lean Body Mass: 51.0 kg (112lbs)

You are overweight by 22.4 kilograms (49.3 pounds) OBESE

Minimum caloric requirements: 1833 Calories per day
Limit your food intake to 1558 calories per day.
to lose 0.9 Kg per month.
Your diet should contain at least 75 grams of protein per day.


As of 7 am this morning…


Body Mass Index: 28.1 kg/m2

Waist-to-Height ratio: 0.48

Percent Body Fat: 33.8%

Lean Body Mass: 52.16 kg (115lbs)

Your BMI is greater than normal, but waist to height is normal.  You may be overweight, or have unusual mass distribution. (I think that means bulging muscles, I got those!)

Your diet should contain at least 76 grams of protein per day.


Weight today, 173.6  that’s 1.8 lbs down from last week.

Measurements, neck, same old 13, but my back up chin must have gotten a part time job, because It’s not hanging around like it used to…

Bust, still an impressive 42, (was 44.5) thanks mom and dad… but I no longer have to stretch out my t-shirts so I can breathe before putting them on.

Waist is a respectable 32 (was 36 OMG!), I have always had some belly fat, for as long as I can remember!

Hip is an astonishing 41 (was 45).  My love handles are greatly diminished, but I still have that hourglass shape, again, thanks mom and dad. Just read an article in psychology today, women with a waist to hip ratio of 70% or less are more “attractive” to “most men” something about subconscious mating and procreation, Just what a girl needs!  LOL! I am not there… my hip-waist is 78%

I wish I had taken more measurements, I see a difference in my arms, and my ass, and my legs.


Seven months.  I didn’t meet my goal on the scale, those little imaginary numbers on the sweet spot in my kitchen.  However, how do I feel?  Well yeah, time heals all wounds, and I’m sure that helped, but the incredible support I have had, from Micah and Brooke, from the comments, texts, and phone calls from each and every one of you has improved my life in such a way that cannot be measured.  I am flooded with a gratitude that moves me to tears. So here I am sitting at my usual Starbucks typing thru tears, just like when I started, but now my tears are lovely and full of gratitude instead of despair and sadness.


I do owe you some pictures, and I’ll post side by side docs so that you can see the change in my body.  I still remember the actual PHYSICAL PAIN I felt posting those before pictures.  I was a mess.  I would like to take the credit, but without the accountability of this blog and you my readers I know there are times I would have quit.  That’s what had happened in the past.  Thank you Vanessa for your addiction to slice, and weight loss shows, for suggesting a blog.  It was scary as hell at first!


Now, this is where I need to tell everyone, I can’t stop blogging.  I am nearly to my goal weight.  And I have used up my 7 months.  But this blog has become an outlet for me.  A rainbow in my storm, a great excuse to set aside an hour, (sometimes more) per week, just for me.  I enjoy writing, and I hope you enjoy reading!  I will be continuing my weight loss, like I mentioned last week, I joined team “Tight pants” for the last 15 lbs.  But I have started dating…


Dating is a blog rich topic!  And so tragic in a number of ways!  I realized that I am in no rush to fall in love, but the prospect of getting out, trying new things and meeting new people is exciting.  I think I’m getting my old sparkle back.  (DFTBA!  right Cherise?  Stands for Don’t Forget To Be Awesome, and it’s a good text to get at the start of your day).  I read a blog, great blog ( where a girl in Calgary did 50 dates in 50 days.  I am not sure I am ambitious enough to try something so drastic.  But I was thinking I could tie it in… My goal was 50 lbs, so stick with the 50 dates, but expand the time?  Maybe to match the time it took me to lose the weight?  Or the initial 7 months?  That’s nearly 2 dates per week.  I think that is a manageable amount of time…  Anyways, just an idea, would you continue to follow?  Let me know!  Pictures to follow shortly…

2 thoughts on “Not last and not least

  1. Heather Girl says:

    Hey Holl! I would TOTALLY love to see u do somesort of dating challenge thing, and blog about it! I would follow! LOL! Dating is something that has always facinated me. Probably be cause I dont think I have ever been on what I would define as a “real date”! Going for afternoon coffee with a friend (even if it was a male), or hounding a boyfriend to take me out to dinner just because im too lazy to cook I dont think consitutes a real date (but then maybe my definition of a REAL DATE is some sort of fantasy? LOL). Anyways, I do know your weightloss journey helps keep me inspired, although I have sadly lacked in the past few months. I let stress get the best of me. *sigh*
    Anyways… u ARE awesome Holley! Keep it up!!!! 🙂

  2. NolaM says:

    YES. One of your best qualities is your outlook of the world and people around you.

    I remember when you were about 4, walking across the park to the library and you flopped down on your back and patted the grass beside you.
    “Looking at all the cloud pictures was hurting my neck, come look at them with me.”
    That was before I got a clue about parenting but I still look at clouds and smile.
    It required me to step out of my…adult role with attached expectations… and simply enjoy your wonder.
    Thinking of that golden 20 min and seeing a magic parade through your eyes has been a gift of appreciation for me the last 25 years.
    Yep, I still look at clouds with ‘Holley eyes’. How many adults retain that gift?
    Then you hopped up and said, “C’mon… I’ll let you give me an underduck on the swings.”
    You have always been an adventurer in a world of mediocrity…. Rock on Holley…

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