I’m having an affair with Blenz today.

It’s really more of a rendezvous, an affair of necessity.  Starbucks was lined up out the door.  After wanting to sleep in all week, I woke up at 7 am this morning.  Lame!  So I decided a trip to the farmers market was in order, Penticton has an AMAZING Saturday market.  Blocks and blocks of goods, and all the main street vendors join in too.  But with zero desire to spend 30 min in line, I walked down here, and they have almond milk!  YES!!!!    So a matcha tea latte, made with almond milk and coconut syrup.  So delicious….


Alright, dating.  And internet dating at that.  There are a few rules and stipulations that I have.  This can be a scary thing… people go missing, get stalkers, or worse!  But it is an effective way to find dates, since I seem to be a little obtuse to advances in real life… as my track record shows.


I will filter perspective dates from my e-mail set up just for this, and graduate them to my text/phone before meeting in real life.


All meetings are to be in a public place, no hiking in secluded areas, traveling to another town with them, or going to their house, (obviously)


I will text message a friend details of the date, who when where, before and after.  And my landlord too, because he is really good at texting me promptly at 11 pm on date nights, maybe because he’s nosey, but I like to think he has my best interests in mind.


I will limit my dating age between 27-42, because I do not want to feel like a pedophile, and I already have a dad.


Coffee/casual dates are probably better, I don’t need to fleece these guys for dinner, and I do still have 15 lbs. to shed, and restaurant food isn’t always calorie wise.   Plus beverage dates are less pressure!


I think I might count the dates I’ve already been on… so you’ll get a flood of posts.  All will be anonymous and they have the Canadian privacy act to thank.


I may not see this thru, I feel a daunting feeling, and actually quite similar to the one I felt when I started Vi… I can do this… I can do this…  We moved when I was in grade 9, and I went to a school where I knew no one.  I set to work to meet 5 new people everyday.  I was a bold 13 year old (stubborn and bossy too!)!  This is only 50 people.  Actually… at this point 36.4 where will I find a .4 type to date???  I’m sure POF can help me out!


I have a type, tall-ish, dark, a trim beard, nice teeth.  I tend to be drawn to men that are a little pretty, really clean, athletic, and I have this odd attraction to men that are good at their jobs.  I will not limit my dating to physical attractiveness, and am actually ok with Blind dates.  I have no preference to kids or no kids, and I realize most men and people in general by the time they reach their mid 30’s will carry some baggage.  I far prefer a man who has a civil or good relationship with his Ex’s.  I know this isn’t always possible, but nothing turns me off more than a man who tells me is Ex is a C U Next Tuesday.  It makes me think, great, I look forward to, in the event of a break up, being called names, and treated like garbage.  Now… some instances… are different, of course breakups can get and be messy, and the past relationships have nothing to do with me, but the capability to respect and treat an ex with humanity is appealing to me.  Not that it’s a topic that will be covered on a first or second date, but as a general rule.

Of course if anyone wants to set me up… I’m game for that!

Off to the beach this afternoon with Candace and Q, have a great day all!


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