suffering… 1st world problems…

I don’t feel skinny.  I know my body has changed, I can feel it in my clothes.  I wear clothes that were taking up space in my closet for years…(some still with tags on!)  I weigh more, but my body size and shape is only a size off what it was when I had my photo shoot done.  But I have better legs now.  I was telling Cherise, I didn’t feel skinny, and in her infinite wisdom she asked, “when you were really thin, how did you feel?”  It took less than a second to come up with sad.  So why the F would I want to feel that way?  If I just wanted to feel sad, I could have stayed on my half a couch and not done anything to lose weight.

Just a little Dysmorphia it seems.  Maybe those promised pictures will help change my view.  Pity party OVER!

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