From now on you can just call me “Aunty Holley”

I weighed last wednesday.  I wasn’t thrilled… 174.2.  It’s a gain, completely because of falling off the wagon, junk food, ice cream, no exercise, and not taking care of myself.  But on the upside, it means 2 less dates… lol.  It’s probably not good that’s the upside I find.  I had another week last week of minimal exercise, and a terrible diet.  I drove to calgary to visit the family and my two ADORABLE nephews!  The 4 1/2 year old C is the light of my life.  He is easily my favorite person in the entire world.  It was the babies birthday, G turned 1 year old, and has a sweet temperament.  He’s pretty adorable too… rarely cries, and says “tickle tickle” all the time.  I like kids, personality and interaction, babies not really my thing, so the older he gets, the more I like him.  Obviously I love him, both of them, equally, but I’ll always love C first.  I know what its like to have your little brother steal the spot light, so he gets a good chunk of my undivided attention.  I cry every time I leave.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m in the right place.  Should I be there?  Maybe…  There isn’t much better than the pure love of a child.

Now it wasn’t all sloth, we played, jumped, chased, dug in the sandbox, and the birthday party had a bouncy castle.  AWESOME.  But I did eat 3 buttercream safeway cupcakes.  My pancreas hurt… and the drive there and back was some epic car dancing, and superstar quality singing, but sugar and coffee fueled there and back, this morning even the thought of a starbucks made me want to puke.  My body is protesting all the crap.

I’m headed home to put in a load of laundry, and get 1 hours worth of exercise.  Then I need to get to work scheduling the 4 dates I need to arrange this week to make up for not having any last week… hump day I’ll post the good, bad or ugly.


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