Slow start on my hump day

Ok, managed to get an hours worth of exercise last night, and the day before. So I’m feeling a little better. I need to remember to take that hour I promised myself every day. Today I have a lash appointment and 2 coffee dates. One of the guys invited me rafting and to a 70’s party! Lol! It’s an extreme 1st date, and against all my rules! So I’m meeting him casually today. Although… It did sound like a good time!
Weighed 173.6. I feel really puffy, and was surprised to see I’d stayed roughly the same as last week. Especially after all that sugar!
I have another date lined up for Saturday morning, then back on POF to catch some more dates…. But first… Being a productive employee is on my list of things to do today! Happy hump day!


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