I put a profile on POF, and like I had mentioned, My phone BLEW UP.  It was dinging and buzzing all hours of the day and night.  I took the app off my phone, and decided to segregate my online dating to a real computer.  I didn’t realize at first that POF had rules you could set, like age limits, and things like if they had contacted another user for casual encounters, smokers, etc.  You can imagine the AMAZING offers I received the first few days… I took my picture down.

I corresponded a bit with a guy in Kelowna, seemed like a nice enough guy, we texted, he sent me some pictures, he seemed like he was more interested in a hook-up and I was continually steering the convo away from making out.  I met him for a daytime date, stopped by his house on my way to my parents.  Well, this tall muscular man had amazing teeth, and arms.  Totally do-able.  However… when I asked him about his ex- the mother of his son, he had nothing good to say.  Eeeeeee… he was a junior hockey player, and a volunteer fire fighter.  DANGER!  I asked this georgeous but slightly vapid man if he had met anyone on POF, his reply… “mostly sluts and crazies”  Well… no shit!  I could have seen him again… if he promised not to talk…


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