The Vaccume

My second first date… The only other guy I met on and went out with on (I have cancelled my service after having zero e-mails for weeks and now all of a sudden I’m getting e-mails and winks like crazy… suspect, but good marketing match!)

We went to a local pub, I had cancelled on this boy the week before my date with Mr.NRN, and spent the night eating cupcakes, then overcome with the guilt of eating buttercream cupcakes, went for a run, and spent the rest of my night texting MrNRN.  I owed this boy at least a beer.  Nice guy, Attractive, and had posted a current picture… this becomes an issue…

We spent a couple hours on the patio, chatting, I call him the vacuum  because I would throw out conversation topics, or ask questions, like peanuts on a floor, and he would come along and suck them up.  And we would be left with an awkward silence, until I threw out another “peanut”  which he would “suck up” again there we were looking at each other, in silence.

As we were leaving he did apologize for being boring, he explained he was really shy…


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