Trolling for a date

My first date on POF was a train wreck.  This guy had to go home and change before our date, he was from osoyoos, so we were meeting in oliver, late, 9 pm.  I wore a cute wrap dress and heels, I like to feel pretty.  He showed up in sneakers and work out clothes.  Now don’t get me wrong, I think the outside of a person is the candy coating, it’s the inside that counts, but it left me wondering… what was he wearing before???  LOL!

Turns out the place we were meeting was closed, so he offered a walk.  I was thinking to myself, ummmm… No! Dark pathway with a stranger, a stranger who on his profile said he was 42… kind of the top end of my age range to start with… but he was actually 44, and looked 60!

We walked over to a park bench that was situated on the corner of a major intersection.  I Towered over this old man in my heels, he was not much taller than 5 feet.  And seriously… 44?  My dad looks better, and he has 10ish 😉 (your age is safe dad!) years on him!

Now… I am not so shallow that this guy had to have to stature of a greek god, and if he was funny, or a delightful conversationalist I could overlook the fact that he looked like he had just finished a run.  But this guy kept talking about nights he had in bars with his friends (haha…when singles were 10 cents each and you could spit on the floor because it was dirt), and as I tried to steer the conversation towards family, jobs, interests, he dove into a story about how this girl he met on POF wouldn’t have sex with him, but offered a BJ on the beach.  Awesome…

He also kept touching me…on the leg, on the arm.  I actually turned to him and requested that he respect my personal space and stop touching me.  It may have been the longest 35 min of my life.  Thank goodness MrNRN texted me and I used his text as an excuse to make a fast exit.  I did learn something though… set your rules on POF, and spend more time e-mailing!


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